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Apache Resistance is an Orlando based funk rock band. It has created a unique sound with blending the rhythm of rock and groove of rap.

Formed in 2010, the band soon snatched the limelight and created buzz in the local music scenario.

If you do not want to miss out something phenomenal you must give them a listen.

The current line-up of the band consists of Keith Morton on vocals, Chad Waronicki (guitar and back up vocals), Vernell Armwood (bass) and Daniel Gallagher (drums).

The band is highly influenced by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage against the Machine, The Black Keys, Nas, OutKast, Biggie, Big L, 36 Mafia, James Brown, Sly and the Family Stone, Curtis Mayfield and Pink Floyd.

The band’s name comes from the movie “Inglorious Bastards”.

Lately, I caught up with the band members and they shared some of their inside stories for the readers.

What genre would you really describe the band as?

Rock Band.

What have you done so far to promote the band and reach more people?

Live shows definitely help the band to grow and connect us with our listeners and fans. Besides being regular at live shows lately we have recorded couple of our songs like “Step Back” and “Pressure”. We were interviewed on a radio show. However, we are going to hit the studio pretty soon to record more songs. We also promote our music through social media.

Next year’s plan?

Chad: Recording new songs, expanding social media, go on tour.

Keef : And eventually disappear ( hahaha)

How often you guys practice?

The whole band gets together and practice for hours at least twice a week.

Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

It is difficult to know us from interview, come to our show.

Apache Resistance

Apache Resistance

For more info:




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SloFunkPump: Microphone

10665901_10152783003250864_1952782756742674157_nCheck out these fusing  melodies of jazz and rhythm rock forming a unique quality of musical sound, creating and an awesome indie-jazz vibe.

SloFunkPump flowing out of Hollywood, Florida since 2008. Their new album“Microphone”  has an overflow of indie-funk sound showcased in ‘flesh and bones’ and ‘Like you Pray’ and indie-funk throughout the whole album.  With rock inspiration and funk free and alive all through this record.

With a sound truly there own I can only scarcely compare the music to the sounds of Dave Matthews Band , Chris Cornell and Weezer!

For more info:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/SloFunkPump/timeline

ReverbaNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/slofunkpump

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The Return of F.I.L.T.H

Back in 2012 we introduced our metal fans to the Crazy awesome style of a project so uniquely coined F.I.L.T.H! An american modern heavy metal group string up controversy and rocking the hell out of Florida along the way. The Guy’s are performing tonight, August, 30th at The Haven Orlando along with hard rockers Gargamel, and many other guest but you’ll only see if you get up and go!

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Presenting: a Night of Progressive ROCK!

mandipaige (1)

AUGUST, 29TH 2014 @ The West End Trading Co.

aug 29 14We have collected some of Orlando’s best Progressive rockers and put them together on one EPIC night of pulse pumping music! We have for your enjoyment: Jupiter GrooveThree of A MindQuantum X,  The New Earth Project and  fuzz light year

Check out Q&A’s with some of our featured acts:


Jupiter Groove: 


Can you tell us about your band name?  We are all huge fans of Planet X and wanted a celestial-sounding name. How long have you been performing as a band? About 7 years, three with our current line-up. What has really influenced your music the most? We really enjoy playing together. We just feed off each other and challenge each other to play better.  Do any of you have a crazy /dramatic show experience? Nothing really.  Besides social media, and flyers do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows? Email Blasts, Website, sandwich boards, aerial banners. How would you say OrlandoBand’s has helped you? Ben Gardner is the most professional promoter in the area. He helps us immensely every time we work together.  I look forward to many more events with OrlandBands.com!

band picQuantum X

“The band name Quantum X was created out of an interest in quantum physics, where the observer actually has influence over matter around them.  The “X” is  really an exponent in that the amount of “quantum faith” one has determines the outcome.  In short, the X is the amount of belief you put into your own power.

How long have you been performing as a band?Quantum X was formed in 2005 with three members, and has been performing since around 2006.  We had to take a hiatus last year when our bassist moved away. What has really influenced your music the most?God has influenced our writing, along with the trials and struggles of life.  Things like art, poetry, spirituality, and nature, as well as the mind’s process also are big influences. Your sound in two words?  haunting and cerebral.  Do you have any crazy show experience? No crazy show dramatics; we just have fun and feel our music when we play, which I think brings listeners into the experience with us. Who writes your Lyrics, is it a group effort? Jen, the lead vocalist/keyboardist/founder of QX writes the lyrics, and co-arranges music with her bandmates. Besides social media, and flyers do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows?We do a lot of word of mouth promoting, but we rely on social media to get the word out big and fast.  How would you say OrlandoBand’s has helped you? Orlandobands.com consistently alerts us of upcoming gig opps and information on their website.


three_of_a_mind_promoThree of A Mind

“Out there”

Can you tell us about your band name?  We are a three piece, and it became obvious the first two minutes we met that we had quite a bit in common, from science-fiction, philosophy, literature, and, of course, musical taste… How long have you been performing as a band? We have been together since 2009. What has really influenced your music the most? We all have a love for “Progressive Rock” music. This includes everything from The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Yes, Rush, The Who, ELP, Hendrix, Zeppelin, and much more… This is music that pushes the boundaries of what Rock music can be. For example, we are a Rock band, but we have no six-string guitar… Just drums, bass, and keyboards… We also have an interest in social issues and philosophy, which manifest itself in our song writing… Do any of you have a crazy /dramatic show experience? Just dealing with live music, the venues, other bands, promoters, the audience… It’s ALL crazy…  Who writes the Lyrics, is it a group effort? Bob Fischer (keys/vocalist) and Paul Dean (bass/vocals) split the lead vocals and lyrics responsibilities. Just another reason we have such a wide range of sounds and styles… Besides social media, and flyers do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows? We do what we can with word of mouth and other on-line resources besides social media. How would you say OrlandoBand’s has helped you? This is our first gig with OrlandoBands. The main thing I’ll be looking for is whether there are people at this show that were not venue regulars or brought by the bands. This will be the measure of success of your service… We will see… :-)


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mandipaige (1)

 You must STOP and you must LISTEN because this group is a crazy HIT. (unless you’re driving, then dear lord you shouldn’t be reading this!)

They are driving their way towards the top of the Alternative charts while earning massive national ra10397015_738868846174776_6715857940001362138_odio play, and with the amount of talent and musical ambition that can be heard over the songs it won’t be long until all of you are singing along.     ( I had no intention of rhyming that…)              

 Now,    I love the story behind the bands song “Reverse”, that is was merely a song recorded by chance, in less than three hours after ‘SomeKindaWonderful’ (Jordy-vocals, Ben-drums, Sarah-backup vocals-percussion, Justin-bass, Matt-guitar, ukuele) unexpectedly met in Cleveland, OH.                                                    

With an upcoming Fall tour with New Politics and Bad Suns hitting Orlando October 17th we had to know more about                       SomeKindaWonderful, So I caught up with the band member Matt ( guitar, ukuele, etc:) here’s what he had to say:

When did all of you decide to come together for this?             

Ben and I (Matt) were having some beers in a little bar near ben’s house and I was playing a little guitar in the back… just messing around with this new riff I had been playing.    Jordy came up and just started humming a melody along with it (turns out Jordy was in cleveland on a soul searching mission to basically get away from the heartbreak and frustration and terrible deals he was having in the LA music scene).     We went back to ben’s studio which was right down the street and wrote and recorded our first single “Reverse.”    At that point the three of us just figured we were starting a band and we just kept working on new songs lol.

Where does the name ‘SomeKindaWonderful’ derive from’?

Jordy dreamt the word “Wonderful” around the time we started writing songs together, which we all liked.    Then we started throwing around the phrase SomeKindaWonderful (like the song and movie title).   We would search the hashtag “#somekindawonderful” and it was alot of really special beautiful moments in peoples lives… a couple standing together, a sunset, etc…    I guess we felt that our band and the music we were making gave us that same feeling.

In one word how would your describe your sound?                                                                     Our music combines what we all love, collectively and individually, about music and art in general…  I really think it would be impossible to describe our band as having just onesound

Do you have any crazy/dramatic show experiences yet?

Every time we play a song and the audience sings along it feels amazing…  also, Summerfest in Milwaukee was incredible… we were playing to a pretty big crowd outdoors right while the sun was going down and it was really dramatic and beautiful.

How do you feel being a part of the New Politics fall tour?    10364017_760041027390891_5231433855021812238_n

We’re all really excited to get out there and spread our music and our message to the whole country.

How long did you work on this new album before it was released?

We worked on it in probably 4 different phases.    Since Jordy lives in LA and Ben and I live in Cleveland, Jordy would fly out here and work on songs for 10-20 days at a time usually. 

Is there anything you would like to tell our reader’s?                                                             make sure to follow us on twitter and instagram at @somekindawonder and be on the lookout for the official “Reverse” music video which will be out very very soon.


FB: http//:www.facebook.com/somekindawonderful


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The Rising Suns: EP Review

avatars-000089992467-wjs5y5-t500x500Truthfully I had never heard of this band before and sometimes that’s the best way to be when hearing new music, no walls to confine your thinking.

Kill Me‘ ( the EP title) you can’t run away from the punk roots, in Track 2 ‘When the Bomb Starts to Fall‘ I felt as though this was a 90’s grunge anthem and I was in the pit! Track 3 ‘The Corner of Mimosa and Cherokee‘ also had a hard punk rock melody but very a strong chorus. My personal choice was Track 4 ‘Colorwork‘, they showcased a different level of vocal work and musical composition while still creating a solid piece of work!

The Rising Suns is an Orlando based punk band with rock influences (from what I can hear) so if you like Green Day, The Offspring or Sum 41 you’ll probably be a big fan!

To check out their music click on over to  SoundCloud: http//:www.soundclod.com/therisingsuns


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August Band of the Month: Hurricane Charley

“Hurricane Charley hit central Florida when we all were growing up and it really messed central Florida up. We are trying to do the same thing but as a band.”

FB Band of the month AugustWelcome to August music addicts,

We have some metal/ hardcore to fill your craving this month!                                                     Say Hello to Hurricane Charley an Orlando based five piece rock band literally taking Central Florida like a storm: Jeremy Rolison-Vocals,  Glenn Stowe- Guitars,  Mark Pina-Guitars, Sean Iafornaro- Bass and  Tyler Murphey- Drums.

Now such an important question (haha) What is the last song you played in your car? Fast car by Tracy Chapman.

What have you done in the past year that you would say has definitely 10177437_608712869214247_3622525798111967910_nhelped your project grow? The main thing that gets us noticed is the live show, make sure the crowd knows you are having a blast, if you are not happy they will never be.

Besides social media, and flyers do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows? Lots of foot work, don’t just show up to your own show. Go to as many as you can, bring demos, hand them out, and again make new friends.

Who writes the Lyrics, is it a group effort? Jeremy writes all the lyrics.

hc2What genre would you really describe the band as? Metal/ with hardcore influences

What advice would you give to other artist/bands trying to get momentum in the industry? Just have fun with your friends and play all the shows you can, make new friends, and stay humble.

Is there anything you would like to tell our Reader’s about upcoming events or new tracks? We will be finished recording our Debut E.P. EVACUATION on August 16th. It will be released First electronically on Spotify, Iheartradio, iTunes etc… it will be released by Mid-September.

For more info: http://www.facebook.com/hurricanecharley



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