Orlando Rocks May 23rd!!

mandipaige (1)event_87494A night of alternative rock and good times as Orlando Rocks brings some of Central Florida’s best acts together inside House of Blues at DownTown Disney.

A Brilliant Lie are must- see Orlando musical veterans, they have perfected their style since 2010 as their sound just keeps evolving. With a unique alternative rock twist similar to that of Paramore. You can also see ABL perform during this year’s Florida Music Festival on April, 26th @ 7:30 inside of BackBooth.

Megaphone will take the stage once again after nearly a year absence during Orlando Rocks. With influences from greats such as Foo Fighters and Butch Walker or better said by front man Matt Bloodwell “If the Foo Fighters beat up Butch Walker while listening to your favorite band, that’s what we sound like!”

The night with also include performances from Orlando acts; AfterGlow Radio who describes their sound as Intense fusion of modern rock, reggae, latin and classic rock. And Plastic Planets  a rock side project from Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas (MUTEMATH), Jeffrey Alan Wright (Blue Man Group), & Eric Van Lugo (Social Ghost).

Doors open at 7:00pm shows starts at 8:00pm


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FMF performers : Idyllic Descent

mandipaige (1)1975012_280086815489183_1758176396_nFemale fronted central Florida alternative rock band, consisting of Jackie Ramieri – Lead Vocals, Rob Pescatore – Guitar, David Bisaccia – Bass and David Hindman – Drums.                                                                   We caught up with band this week as they prepare for their performance at the Florida Music Festival on the 25th.

How would you Define your band name?   Rob Pescatore: We see the name Idyllic descent as a juxtaposition of positive and negative. Things are going down, but you have to enjoy it on your own terms while it lasts.

How long have you been performing as a band? Rob Pescatore: Idyllic Descent as a band has existed for almost two years. However, the current lineup that has really brought the band to life has been together since October, 2013.

Major musical influence’s? Jackie Ramieri: Stone Temple Pilots / Smashing Pumpkins / Audio Slave / Alice in Chains

Describe your sound? Jackie Ramieri: I like to think we have a pretty unique sound. We’ve tried to blend some of that 90’s alternative sound that we as a band love with a modern distinction. Strong female vocals + thoughtful lyrics + unique musical styling

Why did you want to start this group? Rob Pescatore: Music has been a part of my life since grade school; chorus, marching band, jazz band. I started a punk band in the 7th grade and since then I’ve been hooked. Idyllic Descent started when I met David Bisaccia, the bass player, who has a similar background. Once we realized we shared a passion for music, we started writing original tunes.

Do any of you have a crazy /dramatic show experience you have had. Jackie Ramieri: I was playing a show in Volusia County a few years ago and this guy jumps on stage, puts his face in my mic and starts singing. He was singing along with me to an original he didn’t know the words to then he just grabbed the mic! Club security had to get him off the stage.  

How does the band write the songs? Jackie Ramieri: It’s a collaborative effort. Rob writes amazing instrumental pieces and works with David to fill out the sound. I add the vocal melody and lyrics. “Long Way Down” was rewritten in the studio, on the spot after it was arranged. We wrote the lyrics together that night, which was a great experience.   

Is there anything you would like to tell our Reader’s?

Rob Pescatore: Support local music! If you hear a band you really like, follow them. As for Idyllic Descent, we are trying to take the listeners and the crowd on a journey. For the time we’re onstage we want them to be completely absorbed by the mood, the energy and feelings our music evokes. Instead of single serving songs, we want the overall experience to be something to be remembered.







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March Artist Showcase @ High Society Hookah Lounge



(Nathan Shepherd, vocals and guitar, w/ G2P )

Why did you want to start this group? As an adult I had only played lead guitar and not lead vocals which means I was at the mercy of someone else’s lyrics. I loved the music that I was playing in each group but I have children and I wanted to be able to share my passion with them. Not having control of the lyrical writings meant there was language that I didn’t care for my kids to hear coming out of something I was involved in. I have been a singer/songwriter since I picked up a guitar when I was 8 and I felt it was the right time for me to explore my own dreams. Tell us more about the band title? G2P is obviously an abbreviation for something. The name came out of desperation. I had stopped playing with my previous group (Murdok) for about three months when I received a phone call from an old musician friend asking if I wanted to start a group. Two days after agreeing to start a new project we were hit up by a local event coordinator advising us that if we wanted to play an Industry showcase we could but we had only about a month to put a set together. We didn’t want to dwell or spend too much on the name so we quoted a line from a classic cult movie. To find out what quote it is and what movie it came from you will have to ask someone in the band personally. It’s more fun for us that way… How long have you been performing as a band? G2P was formed in the first week of September 2011. We began as a four piece with two singers and a few weeks in we cut it back to a three piece.  Major musical influence’s? Between the three of us we have quite an eclectic amount of influences. Personally, I have only purchased 311 cd’s in my life. I connected at a young age with their quick tongued lyrics and melodies. I always had a thing for catchy, high energy, out-of-the-box guitar hooks and Tim Mahoney introduced me to that style which I could never shake out of my head. Later I discovered Tom Morello and he had quite an impact on me figuring out all the different sounds you could make a guitar make without using pedals or using very minimal pedals. The Police and Bobby Darin were large contributors to my vocal influences. Of course I have to give credit to Chevelle. The guitar tone they use and them being a power trio as well is an obvious connection. Describe your sound? We feel our sound is unique. We are not trying to model ourselves after anybody. From one song to the next we sometimes change genres completely. A good frame of reference would be if you were to take Sublime, 311, Chevelle and R.H.C.P., and put them in a blender and hit puree, you would come up with something resembling G2P. Do any of you have a crazy /dramatic show experience you have had? We were invited to come up to Nashville and play a private showcase at a very popular practice studio in front of three people. We had been on the road for 4 days, coming from playing the Cleveland Music Festival, and during that time our drummer had become too ill to continue the journey. So Dave and I decided that we would still play the showcase but with acoustic guitars. We made it to Nashville and had to re-write our entire set in a parking garage in downtown. We went up to the 8th floor and plugged in our acoustics to our amps, from the back of a minivan, in an outlet and spent the next hour sweating from head to toe with our amps turned up in a parking garage with cars driving past us with puzzled expressions on their faces. We felt really good about our set! We made it in time to perform. We have three songs to make an amazing impression. So we played our first song, awesome, we play our second, I am feeling great, then we get about half way through the third and my guitar pick is out of position in my hand. Normally I throw it in my mouth while I am playing, then grab it back out during an upstroke without missing a beat. Not this time. I flipped the pick up during an inhale while I was singing. The pick made the decision that it wanted to lay flat across my throat, of course with no concern for my need of oxygen. While we continued to play I tried to cough, I tried to swallow it and none of these things worked. I had to stop playing in the middle of the song, grab a drink that was left on the stage by another group and do my best to pass the pick. As soon as I swallowed it, I reached for the microphone and humbly said, “sorry, I swallowed my pick.” It didn’t bother me when they fell off their chairs laughing, it didn’t bother me that it ruined our song, it bothered me that they were recording the whole event and I am sure they showed it to everybody (I know I would have…hahaha)…well at least they will never forget G2P. Do we know how to make an impression or what? Is there anything you would like to tell our Reader’s? I always like to remind everyone that every person or group you hear and like on the radio started out as a local group somewhere. It was their own local support that got them to where they are. Every venue and artist works really hard to put on shows. All I ask is that you get off the couch once or twice a month and support your local scene. I promise you that you will have a great time. I listen to new bands all the time and I have to say that I am blown away to see a great band perform and the only people there are the other bands, the bartender and doorman. It a shame because these groups obviously are putting a lot of time into what they are doing, the clubs are cleaned and ready for a party and the only thing that is missing is the people who keep saying they are going to come out and never do. I bet there are a whole lot of people who have watched a local band go to the top and wish that they would had not been lazy and only paid 5 bucks to see them back then instead of 40 now. I understand there are some bands that have some work to do, but every time they play they get better and what better way to work on getting better than having the support of the community.


bencBen Cook

What do you think of the Orlando Scene, and if you don’t like it, what would you do to: I think the Orlando scene is full of talent—couldn’t ask for better people to be performing with. What are you thoughts indie vs. label? I think it depends on the artist and the artist’s goals. Indie music has become a lot bigger due to sites like BandCamp and so forth, so it’s great for people making and marketing their own music. The advantage of being on a label, though, is that there’s a division of labor (marketing team, producer, etc.) that is almost impossible to get going only the indie route. What funny/dramatic show experience you have had?? A sort of painful, but maybe retrospectively funny show experience I had was this: I was playing a set and my guitar kept coming out of tune, in addition to the fact that my voice was sore. So the set was already botched, but got worse when I had to hit this note at the peak of my range at the climax of a song and it went painfully flat—I could see the cringe on people’s faces. Probably funny to have seen, not too funny for it to have happened to. What has OrlandoBands.com done for you?They’ve helped me get more exposure, more experience, and allowed me to play with a lot of awesome local bands. Who are some of the local bands you would like to play with, or enjoy playing with?There’s this really cool electro-progressive dance duo that doesn’t have enough exposure called ‘Svine und Strusel’. I’d love to perform with them some time. If anyone’s interested: youtube.com/svineundstrusel What songs influenced you the most from you childhood? Probably ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’ by U2 and ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson. 


ftsFracture the Syndicate (Chris Callaway – Guitar/Back up vocals)

Define your band name? Fracture the Syndicate: a disturbance or break of an organization or group with a specific agenda  What would you say our the band’s Major musical influence’s? Deftones, System of a Down, Chevelle. How would you Describe your sound? Heavy progressive alternative groove rock metal. Why did you want to start this group? The three of us have had other bands in the past and all freed up simultaneously to work on the sound that we were looking for. Do any of you have a crazy /dramatic show experience you have had? I saw an old guy with a cane that was having trouble walking start throwing his cane in the air and head banging in front of the cameras. How does the band write the songs? Generally one of us will come up with a concept that all three of us elaborate on.  A lot of the time I will write the lyrics and a concept for the vocals that Jimmy (Bass/Lead Vocals) will take and build off of.  The instrumentals derive from whoever had the original concept.  I would consider us all evenly distributed as to who is bringing something to the table. Besides social media, and flyers do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows? YouTube Is there anything you would like to tell our Reader’s? We’re coming for you, so watch your shit.

talsThe American Love Story

(Monty the bands front man )

How long have you been performing as a band? We are fairly new. We have only been together for 2 months. We had some early restructuring but the final line up came together about a month a go.Define your band name?  The American Love Story is a collective of dedicated musicians who moved to Orlando to write their own story. As we came together we all realized the motivation behind our music is the love for it, hence came the name American Love Story.  Major musical influence’s?We are influenced from all types of music. Hip Hop, rock, Gospel and soul, Reggae. All of us listen to different types of music so we use that fact to our advantage.Why did you want to start this group? Well, we all love music. We let the relationships grow organically. Nothing was forced at all. Do any of you have a crazy /dramatic show experience you have had?Well during our very first show, we had our drummer break his stick on the last song, but the crowd was screaming, one more song! ONE MORE SONG!. So we did one more song. We didn’t have a song ready nor an extra drumstick, but we did it. Dave started playing a rift on guitar,  the drummer began to play with his hands and i freestyles the song. But that song is now our opening song! Everyone loved it. How does the band write the songs? We are all songwriters so we get together and let the music ring. When we hear something we stop and write it. Sometimes we go to other places like a park and just talk. Sooner or later someone will say, that should be a song. Besides social media, and flyers do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows? Word of mouth for sure. Is there anything you would like to tell our Reader’s? To keep up with us. We are a very unique product and we love to perform. Link up with Ben Gardner, he has his pulse on the local music scene for sure. Thank you.


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Band of the Month: Tef London

mandipaige (1)

Orlando Weekly – Best Punk Act 2013                                                                                               Orlando Weekly – Best Ska/Reggae Act 2012                                                                              Orlando Weekly - Best Ska/Reggae Act 2011

1452398_198641243654321_1305403090_nThe talented female-fronted ska band features a unique flavor of swing with the excitement of the big band era. Founded by Florida musicians Jenny Morrison (Bass) and Chris King (former Trumpet) in 2010. Currently the band consist of Jenny Morrison Bass & Lead Vocals,  Aaron Lingelbach on Guitar/Vocals, Charles Camisa hitting the Drums, Justin Diaz on Trumpet/Vocals, Luis Saavedra with Tenor Sax/Vocals, Corey Paul on Trombone/Vocals, and Angel Santiago on the Bari Sax/Vocals.                                                                                                                                               With sold out shows across the state Tef London gives a memorable performance playing a mix of original and covers blending their ska style with swing, punk, and dixieland. So direct your attention below and Check out what Bass player and lead vocalist Jenny Morrison had to tell us…

BTW … Follow the band on twitter @teflondonska

What advice would you give to other artist/bands trying to get momentum1395144_198641346987644_42908731_n in the industry? Momentum is subjective. It’s more important to stay true to your values than get yourself exposure.

What have you done in the past year that you would say has definitely helped your project grow? Being choosy about our shows- it’s something we’ve always done, but we try not to play very often in the same city. Once every few months at most. It makes it an event and it doesn’t over-saturate the scene.

Can you tell us about your band title? If this question is referring to our band name, Tef London is a play on words with Teflon Don. http://ska4u.com/2013/05/31/tef-london-whats-in-a-name/

Who writes the Lyrics, is it a group effort? I write most of the lyrics, and I try to pull from life experiences that aren’t just my own, but from the other band members themselves; struggles they’ve experienced in relationships and with their careers, sticking up for what’s right and so on.

What is the last song you played in your car? “Coyote” by the Mad Caddies

Besides social media, and flyers do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows? Of course, I think it’s really important to get out there and simply have a conversation. It allows you to get feedback from fans- what they like about local shows, what venues they prefer, what they look for in a band. Someone is more likely to remember your show if you take the time to talk to them about music than if you simply hand them a flyer or post something on Facebook. Everyone gets hundreds of invites to things on Facebook every week. Who has time to look through all those?

What genre would you really describe the band as? We’re a ska band with punk and swing influences.

Is there anything you would like to tell our Reader’s about upcoming events or new tracks? Check out our new music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zvwnn-gJiTY&feature=youtu.be


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Open Air Stereo… 3/27 @ ‘The Social’

mandipaige (1)Color2013JonathanWeinerThis I must admit is one of my favorite rock/alt bands I have heard this year by far, already a fan of the track ‘Damned’!  This southern California band has rich vocals similar to that of lead vocalist Dave Strauchman of Every Avenue, with a unique musical mix slightly swaying between the lines of The Fray and a less stagnant Daughtry  along with the persuasive sound of band that has been perfecting their style for almost 11 years. Now to celebrate the band’s debut album ‘Primates’ they’ve embark on a spring tour making a much desired stop in Orlando at The Social Thursday, March 27th.

Read more about this rock band below when I caught up with vocalist Chase Johnson:

Define your band name? The name Open Air Stereo symbolizes that our music is  1244518_orig “open” and out in the “air” for anyone to listen and perceive how they feel fit. It’s also a semi-indirect word representation of who we are as musicians, because we truly write our music for everyone and anyone who has the same passion for sound and lyricism as we do.

 How long have you been performing as a band? Nick and myself (Chase) have been performing and writing music together since we were about 14.  We met in church class, of all things, and really took a shining to one another. Several years down the line after signing to Epic/Sony records and then leaving Epic/ Sony records we decided to find a guitarist and bassist that wanted this career and drive for music as much as we did. We wanted to find our music family. That’s when Scott and Evan came in the picture and we’ve been going strong ever since.

 Major musical influences? Too many to list all, because I love so many different genres and geographical types of music…whether it be Ravi Shankar from India to good old Aerosmith. But to name a few… Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, The 1975, The Beatles, Foals, Kings Of Leon and the list goes on and on!

 Describe your sound? It’s hard to describe our sound, because it’s constantly evolving. We are writing new material nearly every single day, whether we are on the road or at home. But if you had a gun to my head, I would describe it as alternative-pop-rock. 

Why did you want to start this group? This group was started for one simple reason:  music was the only thing that ever made any real sense to us. It’s there for you at any time, place, or emotion. There’s something to be said about that.

 Do any of you have a crazy /dramatic show experiences?
Hmm… other than the stuff I won’t divulge!? I would say it’s pretty dramatic feeling whenever you’re able to do what you love and share your music with large audiences.

How does the band write the songs?That’s a good question. The answer: every way, shape, and form imaginable. Sometimes it’s with a beat…sometimes it starts with guitar riff and other times it’s with melody.

Do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows?
We love social media and are always trying to find new and interesting ways of using it to broaden our audiences.

Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?
I’d like to say thank you for listening and stay up to date with us at www.openairstereo.com and please go get our single “Damned” on itunes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/damned-single/id820419857

Thanks Chase! And we look forward to the show!

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Start Summer Right Now

The groundhog saw his shadow. Winter is everywhere (but here in FL). Touring is limited to southern regions but even that is rough this year. So it’s time to think about putting out a summer single and video. Yes, I’ll say it. Even though most fans don’t remember when MTV played videos, a music video is still great marketing.

Do something every 3 months to keep your fans interested. A new song, new merch design, enter a pie eating contest as a band… something, anything to keep that momentum rolling. And to do it right, it takes planning. Start now.

To illustrate a summer single and video done right, I point again to Billboard’s New Artist Top 100 musician, John Taglieri. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Videos don’t go viral and then someone shows up and gives you a bag of cash and a back rub. Plan.Practice. And have Patience. John Taglieri released his single, “Southern Paradise” summer of 2013. It is the title track from his 11th career release. He made the Billboard charts with that song, half a year later. With any luck he’ll be climbing the charts with that song into summer 2014. It’s not advice from an industry insider, its advice that has worked for others and it you work at it, it will work for your project.

1. INVOLVE EVERYONE YOU KNOW: A music video from an emerging act should not be a super-secret vanity project with a closed set and your roommate/manager wearing an ‘all access’ laminate. Be inclusive. John Taglieri said, “I was able to include 50 plus friends and fans on camera. That’s 50 people who are gonna share that video simply to show others they were in it.” Why work harder when you can let those in the video do it for you? Hold auditions, make it a contest, and be sure to include your lawyer as an actor. Some give discounted rates for related contracts if you include them….so I’ve heard.

2. MAKE IT FUN: We’re talking summer single here! No matter what genre you’re into, pick a single that’s playable in a variety of settings. Driving, at parties, on a beach or lake house, around a fire, in a bar… think of the setting in which fans will listen to your music. The “Southern Paradise” video has everything… a beach, babes in bikinis, shirtless bald men, miniature people, a guy in a bunny suit, an undertaker, and concert footage of venues packed with screaming fans. And a really catchy hook. Make the process fun and everyone will want to be a part of it and will talk about it and share the heck out it without seeming like they are trying to sell anyone on a new artists.

3. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE THE GUY…OR GIRL: Yes, they will share the video because they’re in it. The band and song is secondary. Get over it. The spotlight is on performers A LOT. There’s no need for the ego to be fed all the time. There are performers, songwriters, and musicians, and rarely are they all the same person. The sooner you recognize that fact, the better. Then take what you do best and do it. Then while you practice on the rest, ask for help from those who do what they do best. It’s ok to sing a song you didn’t write. It’s ok to write a song you won’t sing first. It’s about the music…not about the ego. And for all that is holy, GET A LAWYER!!! An attorney will draft work for hire and copyright splits to keep everything above board and minimize the troubles later. “Good things come where you learn to put your ego aside.”

4. PLAN AHEAD: It’s called the music business because its business. And business costs money to make money. You can work smarter but it still has a price tag. Bartering is still a viable option – maybe that day job will finally pay off! Just offer more than a t-shirt and a free CD. If a few thousand dollars on a video is too much for you, stick to opening on a Wednesday night for other local acts who are actually going somewhere. Set monetary goals (this should be done quarterly but I’m realistic). Every member of the project should be responsible for putting their share into the band fund. Play solo gigs. Many artists have careers in cash based businesses like graphic and web design; allot a certain percentage of that work to put towards the band goal. Put a little sweat equity into the project. When others see how dedicated you are, they will be more likely to donate to that kickstarter campaign you’ll start.

And by time summer rolls around and that video starts to take off, it’s time to plan for that Christmas album!

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Artist Showcase: Featured Artist

Oceanstone One the amazing performances this past February at High Society Hookah Lounge for the Artist Development Showcase. I had the chance to ask them a little about the band and their overall project last week and this is what they had to say!

oceanstone“Our sound as we like to describe it,  Gulf Coast/ Reggae/ Rock.”.

How would you describe your band name? Oceanstone, Ocean symbolizing the roots/ reggae aspect of our music,  and Stone for the hardness of our music, the rock and metal influences. How long have you been playing together? We have been playing as a band going on 4 years now. Who would you say are your major musical influences?Some major musical influences of ours would have to be … Sublime, 311, Tribal Seeds, Fortunate youth, Bob Marley, Fiji, MOE, Phish, Grateful Dead, and Slayer. Just to name a few. Why did you really want to start this project? The Reason We started this band was to start creating original music. We were already out playing cover songs at the time, and thought lets take this into a different direction.
Could tell us about the song writing process? we typically start to write our songs when someone has an idea for melody or riff ect. Then we take it to the band an start to build it together. If we like it we keep it if not, we move on to the next one.What are some of the ways that you spread the word about the band and upcoming show? besides social media and flyers, I honestly think word of mouth is one of the best way to promote.
 One thing I would like to tell the readers is go shoot over to our FB page and give us a listen and a Like!



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