The Mind of a Musician: Clint Chambers from Anyone’s Guess talks about virginity, phalluses and really bad memory

PhotobucketWith every city in America being clogged by indie bands, it’s had to look at their members as people. They purely represent just another musician- until their personality and music shine out in front of a record label. I’m sure a few of you have heard of the band Anyone’s Guess: a female-fronted alternative/rock band from Orlando, FL. A few of you have met the people in the band, on a networking, or business, level…maybe read a few music-related interviews or write-ups. The band’s lead guitarist- Clint Chambers may look and behave like a serious rock star while working, but in fact, this playful, restless Sagittarius knows very well how to fuel that hard work with just as much fun time. Meet Clint.

SJ: What do you see in this?
CC: A skeleton’s torso.
SJ: What was the first concert you went to?
CC: ZZ-Top and Steve Miller Band.
SJ: How many times did you want to quit music?
CC: There’s probably a weekly occurrence that happens and makes me think about quitting music.
SJ: Why?
CC: Either through general frustration with myself or my band mates, hearing discouraging stories from other people in the industry and seeing the simple things that they do to become successful and knowing how hard they work with such a slow return. The music business is probably the toughest industry to be in, both as an artist and a producer. So many things depend on others, so no matter what you do, even if you follow all the “rules” and “steps to success,” you’re still never guaranteed to make it.
SJ: What stops you?
Remembering how much I love writing and performing music, being out in the scene and meeting others who share the same passion, being on stage, sharing a moment in a song with the audience and seeing them respond. Even being in the audience and seeing a band “pull it off” on stage. That’s what keeps me going.

SJ: The first record/tape you bought is?
That’s a good question. I have such a terrible memory that it’s kinda’ hard for me to remember. I’d say that the CD I remember the most and that made me want to play guitar is the ‘Demon Knight Soundtrack.’ There are so many good songs on there that it’s got to be one of the all time best soundtracks.

SJ: If you got a massive advance from a label, provided that all your band expenses are covered, what would be the first thing you do with the money?
Of course, pay off all my debt (being a musician is expensive!) and then take a trip. A long one.

SJ: What’s a perfect day?
Waking up moderately early, having coffee and breakfast outside at a nice café, sitting down in the studio and working on new tunes, then out to dinner with friends and then to the clubs and shows. Lots of productivity early in the day and then rewards in the evening.

SJ: What physical object could you not live without?
My guitar of course. My coffee maker is a close second.

SJ: What is your favorite book?
The Dark Tower series by Stephen King.

SJ: What’s your favorite song from your last album? Why?
Finality is by far my favorite song off our new record ‘Cost of Silence.’ It’s got all of the trademarks: Anyone’s Guess’ darkness, catchy melody and dynamic, plus I think it showcases well the direction that this band is heading.

SJ: Tell me a funny inside story about the band.
One of the most hilarious things ever is when we were on the road last year and our bassist, Benji, had a little too much to drink. He passes out at an after party. Me, trying to be the most creative in taking advantage of the situation, instigated a few people to participate in an artwork competition. This quickly escalated into just covering the poor guy with obscene drawings (cocks mostly) and ridiculous phrases. He woke up the next day covered, from the bottom of his feet to his scalp, with phalluses and phrases. He couldn’t get them all washed off and had to show up to a formal dinner that night still covered. Some pictures are available on our Facebook, definitely check them out.

SJ: Where should people go to check out your music?

SJ: Finish this sentence: There are three main things in life, that lead to success:
CC: Athleticism, determination and virginity.


About anyonesguessmusic

Singer and guitarist for the band Anyone's Guess.
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