Inside the Talent: Milka talks about Hulk Hogan, Buscuit Wheels and weaves


I was online, looking through some articles in a local publication and I ran into an article about Milkana (Milka) Ramos, the front woman of Orlando’s rock band MILKA. The article talks about the band’s unfortunate break-up and the writer’s inability to get a hold of Milka for an interview. It turned out she needed some time to clear her head. She just packed up and left without telling anyone. But you can’t blame her. She’s been a part of several projects in her career: MILKA, The Little Debbies, Red Elvises and High Towers, but she says that MILKA and The Little Debbies were the ones she felt the most connected to. Anyway, seeing this article reminded me of how Milka showed me how entertaining local concerts can be. You can see some pretty good stage tricks and pyrotechnics at the big-name shows, but you cannot see a drunk chick humping the guitarist’s leg on stage while he’s helplessly trying to finish his solo. Add blasts of Milka’s positive energy and great music and I was content. So, putting these two interesting impressions together, I figured that it would be in everyone’s best interest to know of (and about) Milka. She just came back from touring with the Red Elvises for two years and I caught her right before her next escape, this time planned and announced: she is temporarily moving to Puerto Rico with her fiancée.

SJ: What was the most memorable concert you went to? Why?
Skinny Puppy At Masquerades in Georgia. I was terrified and the energy was so negative I had to leave, but they were great!

SJ: What’s your favorite form of self-destruction?
Watching Desperate Housewives. I fucking love that show!!! Guilty.

SJ: What 7 words would your obituary definitely contain?
I told you I was sick, idiot!

SJ: You just got a huge advance from a label. What will your first purchase be?
A Gravy Train with Biscuit Wheels.

SJ: Favorite store? Why?
Grocery Store. I love cooking more than I could love a human baby.

SJ: What’s 1 physical object you could not live without?
My weave. I just got one cause I’m letting my hair grow and it’s at a very awkward stage right now and it looks like shit, and I gotta tell you girl, IT LOOKS FABULOUS NOW!

SJ: Name the book everyone should read. Why should they read it?
I don’t read. I hate reading. I just say I do to sound smart, but I just watch the movies. Knowledge gives me a headache.

SJ: What’s your favorite song, out of all you’ve written?
Daddy Issues. It’s a song a about Hulk Hogan and his strange relationship with his daughter. It’s a dark but really funny song. I used to play it with The Little Debbies.

SJ: What’s your ideal day?
My fiancée, the ocean, pot, rum, whoopie.

SJ: Finish this sentence: There are three main things that lead to success:

MR: Who you know, what you spend and a little talent




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