The Brains behind the Talent: Whitney Hogan Talks about Dominating the Universe, the Best Coffee in the World and Being a Dolphin


Born into a musical family, Whitney Hogan was destined to be a musician. So far, she has had the opportunity to travel, record and release her debut album in Nashville, land in the top 10 of Lilith Fair’s Florida Talent Search 2010, compete in Orlando’s Next Big Thing for 2 years in a row and play packed venues all over Central Florida. Whitney’s current focus is working on a new band concept, with guitar player Eric Henderson, exploring and building a new sound that falls into Classic Rock, Americana, and Alternative Country roots. You may also know Whitney as the co-host from the radio show called Out N About Radio, every Saturday, 3pm-5pm on the Big 810AM, or It’s one of the only LGBT radio shows in Central Florida. When asked where she’s headed, Whitney replied “Forward and up…. Living in the moment, the here and now, leads you to the best future you could ask for. ..The sky is the limit, and the whole Universe is my playground.”
So, let’s take a look a little deeper into who this talented voice really is…and maybe we’ll learn how to turn the Universe into our playground instead of a giant, scary monster.

SJ:  If you could reincarnate into any animal in the world, what would you come back as?
WH: I think I would come back as a Dolphin. Dolphins are fearless, playful, and full of life. They stand up to sharks, and I seem to do that here in the real world!

SJ: What freaks you out?
WH: Spiders and snakes freak me out in the physical sense. I can’t stand them. I am slightly germophobic. I carry hand sanitizer with me everywhere. There are a few random things that freak me out, like fake smiles. Watching people try to go through life and pretend to be happy really bothers me. I want to sit them down, get to the root of the problem, and help them realize their true potential, to find their happy state. I guess that’s not something that freaks me out, but makes me sad. Maybe I should have been a therapist; however I view music as being very therapeutic, in many different ways.

SJ:  Tell me something you think I don’t know, but would benefit from knowing.
WH: All I can respond with for this question is watch The Secret. It literally changed my life. Everyone would benefit from watching it!

SJ: What zodiac sign are you and what do you like the most about it?
WH: I am a Leo to the tee. We are stubborn, headstrong and very independent. The one thing I love about being a Leo is the independent factor. I prefer relying on myself as opposed to others. I know that I can get the job done, whatever it may be, 120%. Not to say that others aren’t reliable or capable, of course.

SJ: If you had to put the guitar down and never deal with music again, what would you pursue instead?
WH: Yikes! That is a scary thought. Without music in my life, I might be a very irritable woman! However, I have looked into Psychology and going to law school before. I love helping people and I know this could be accomplished in either of these fields. If I could REALLY have my way, I’d be the real-life Lara Croft, or Selene from Underworld.

SJ: What’s the best tasting drink ever?
WH: I’d have to say, the Mint Mochaccino from Mud in NYC, or a Hendrick’s and tonic after a stressful day.

SJ: Describe a perfect evening.
WH: A perfect evening for me would be hitting the gym after work, then dinner and drink with friends, followed by a fantastic concert or dancing. I love to cut a rug!

SJ:  What’s your favorite gadget?
WH: My favorite gadget is my iPhone. That little black case pretty much holds my life!

SJ:  Do you have any hidden talents?
WH: Hidden talents. I used to Barrel Race in rodeos. Not many people know that. Riding race horses at that speed can be tricky, but the adrenaline rush is amazing. I’m also a good shot with a gun. I am proud to say I got that from my Grandma.

SJ:  Do you have any animals?
WH: I have a horse named Dash and a Jack Russell named Rodeo. Both have to live with my parents unfortunately.

SJ: Are you a city kind of person, or a nature kind of person?
WH: I am definitely a city person. I grew up on a 20-acre farm in the country and loved every minute, but I always dreamed of life in the big city. I lived in Los Angeles for a brief time and after that I was hooked. I’ve spent a lot of time in New York, Chicago, and Nashville, too. I can always find things to love about every city that I frequent. I love the fact that no matter what time it is, there is always something to do. Never a dull moment!

 SJ: Do you follow through with your new year’s resolutions? What was your last one and how did it end up?
WH: I have found that New Year’s resolutions put too much pressure on me. I would rather just promise myself to do my best and to make the New Year even better than the last!

SJ: What does this look like?
WH: I see 2 bats hanging back to back. Boring, I know.

SJ: Finish this sentence: You only need 3 things in life:
WH: 3 things that I need in life are love, family/friends (I consider them one in the same), and my Gibson acoustic guitar.

Whitney will be competing for an $8k worth prize @ the Orlando’s Next Big Thing Final Showcase coming up on July 23rd. The following day, the 24th, she’ll be rocking’ the patio at Mister Sister’s, 12pm-3pm. Come show your support and learn a thing or two about persistence, professionalism and dedication.


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