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Afterglow Radio

OB: Afterglow Radio has been stomping quite an impression in the Central florida region. Sharing the stage with bands such as Sevendust, Chevelle and Buckcherry has to be a treat. Is there anyone in particular you guys want to tour with?

AGR: We would love to tour with Incubus, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Muse, Coldplay, The Police….

OB: You guys are in the middle of a summer tour with Uncrowned. How do you feel the crowds are responding and what do you hope to achieve as an aftermath of the performances over the summer?

AGR: Being this is our first time out in most of these places… we are very happy with the crowds and their response.   We hope by the end of the summer that we have expanded our fan base, sold a good amount of cds and merchandise, and can come back to these places and see even more people the next time around

OB: Any interesting tales that you would like to share as a result of being in a van much to long?

AGR: We actually are lucky enough to have an RV!!!!  Most of our tales are probably not fit for print!!! We will say that it has been fun getting at least a few members from each band that we play with each night all together in one area to hang out….get to know each other…etc…

OB: Orlando is home of many great musicians who are some of your favorite local bands to check out?

AGR: Junkie Rush, Social Ghost, 7 Blue Skies, Traverser

OB: Babies wake up almost every two hours typically. Why do you think the expression, “sleep like a baby,” is commonly referred to action of a well rested night?

AGR: good question but we have no idea

OB: “I’m Running,” has captured a lot of attention. Being awarded Garageband.com‘s top tracks last year and all, did you feel this song would accomplish so much when writing it?

AGR: Not really…when we write songs….we write them with no expectation of what they may or may not achieve.  We put ourselves into the music….and hope that people can find something in them to relate to.  We don’t necessarily need an award for that….but you can give us one if you want to!!!

OB: You have a bunch of exciting shows coming up, especially your release party at the Social on August 16th. Tell us more about the show and what the audience can expect.

AGR: We are happy to be sharing the stage with Uncrowned, whom we have been on tour with…and In Passing.   We plan on playing every song of our new record “find yourself again.”   This is our coming home show and the last one of the tour,…and it will be our first time playing the entire record….so we are excited about that….which should bring a good night full of energy and a packed house.

OB: “Find Yourself Again,” the new album, has seemed to be worked on pretty heavily. Ted Comerford and Justin Thomas produced the CD, how was it working with them?

AGR: It was a pleasure to work with those guys.  They each brought different styles of producing to the table,…which in conjunction with our music, we feel something unique has been created.

OB: With Jeff Juliano mixing and Tom Baker mastering, you cant loose! Both these guys have the credentials for certain. How was working with them on the album?

AGR: Jeff Juliano is THE man!!! When we got our first mix of a song called “Wasted” back from him….we were absolutely blown away!  Plus,…he really enjoys our music,… which shows in the mixes….you can tell he is having a good time with the songs.   Then Tom came in and put the icing on it…and there you have it!

OB: I personally cant wait to check out the new tracks, tell us where everyone can find “Find Yourself Again.”

AGR: itunes, afterglowradio.commyspace.com/afterglowradio, cdbaby.com, Park Ave. cd’s, and hopefully more…


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