10 Question Corner – 69 Fingers


69 Fingers

OB: At the beginning of this year, you had some members disband. Brian, Dave and Chris were great attributes to the band. What are your plans on replacement for those positions?

69 Fingers: We have Mason Acomb on sax, Brian Hitchcock our former rhythm guitar on bass…Bill Hairston on trumpet, and Johnathan Leamy on rhythm guitar/trombone, who played trombone on “We’ll Come to the Future”.

OB: Where did the name 69 Fingers come from?

69 Fingers: In the beginning one of seven band members was missing a finger. 69 Fingers didn’t even name themselves…only few remember who did.

OB: What would be your favorite room to play in Orlando?

69 Fingers: The one with all the people and the cool bands?

OB: “We’ll Come to the Future” was released in April of 2007, how has the new album doing?

69 Fingers: Muah-hah-hah! Evil scientists at work.

OB: Who did the killer cover for the album for the band, and what influenced its “Doors” look?

69 Fingers: Chris Woodall played trumpet as you know, but he also painted the front and back cover art. We all talked about what we thought it should be then Chris just materialized it into matter. Originally it was called “Welcome to the Future”, but we …ummm..changed it.yeeah.

OB: Any plans to hit the studio again this year?

69 Fingers:Of course! Evil Scientists at work.

OB: What were each one of your favorite pairs of shoes as

69 Fingers: That’s funny that you say that, because we didn’t wear shoes in West Virginia. Chuck Taylors kids.

OB: You guys are unsigned (as far as we know!) how were you able to take the steps to get your album in Virgin Megastore in Downtown Disney and at both Park Avenue CD locations?

69 Fingers: We know some people that work at Virgin Megastore, plus Dave old sax player used to work there, so that helps. All you have to do is walk into Park Ave. and ask them about it.

OB: You obviously have a solid fan base here in Orlando, who would you think your fans would like to see you share the stage with this year?

69 Fingers: I’m sure there is a long list.

OB: Are all the beautiful woman on your Myspace fans page real? Or are they like your cousins and sisters?

69 Fingers: Those girls are real as shit son. The ol’ West Virginia incest joke never gets old to us….it seems to make people happy so we condone it….the jokes that is.


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