10 Question Corner – A Show of Hands


A Show Of Hands

OB: A Show of Hands delivers not just a powerful live show, but a lot of hands! How do you guys bring out so many people?

Show of Hands: We like to keep good relationships with our fans, so we make sure they know everything that’s going on with us, especially shows.  We do our best to make our shows as fun as possible not only for us, but for the crowd. It’s all about pleasing the crowd.

OB: How did the band originally form?

Show of Hands: We’ve all been friends throughout high school and a few of us were in previous bands together.  Eventually we all fell together and we’ve been working on this project ever since.

OB: What’s the typical process when you guys write new songs?

Show of Hands: Well first we all take a 3-mile run to clear our heads and flush our systems.  Then we all sit and share a malt-shake (using each of our own curly straws), first brain-freeze names the song! Then we head to the hot-tub to relax our tired muscles, while our manager (Raymond) binge drinks and writes and records all of our songs for us.

OB: You recently took part and won the Orlando’s Next Big Thing showcase battle of the bands held at the Haven Lounge. How was the experience?

Show of Hands: It was awesome!  The Haven is a great venue to play, and the sound quality is phenomenal.  It was a great opportunity to play a nice venue and get some feedback from some professional musical minds.

OB: Were there any particular artists you guys met during the showcase that your either new fans of, or look forward to playing with?

Show of Hands: One thing we regretted was not getting to know the other bands as well as we would have liked.  But there was definitely some great music there.  We did ask Kailey Billings out on a date but she said no. (Editors note: Thats cause she was going out with me. Ha!)

OB: Is there an album available now, and do you guys plan on putting in some studio time soon?

Show of Hands: We are actually going back into the studio in October to finish recording our first EP.  We’ve got some amazing songs in the works that will hopefully cure cancer (even the rare forms).

OB: Is there any preference to where you will be recording?

Show of Hands: Yes.  We’ve got our dates booked with Andrew Wade here in Ocala at the Wade Studio.  It’s close to home, and we’ve always been pleased the results he’s given us.

OB: Do Scottish terriers get Scotch tapeworms?

Show of Hands: Let me answer your question with an answer to another question, 8 inches. (Editors Note: Great answer, but how did they know!)

OB: What direction do you see the band going as you continue to grow?

Show of Hands: Record and release our EP, play tons of shows, and promote the hell out of ourselves.  Fingers crossed.

OB: It looks like you guys are in the process of developing a new look for the Myspace webpage. Are you putting together a website too? What are some of the plans you have for the online presence?

Show of Hands: We’re working on getting the myspace, it should be done soon.  As for a website, we don’t have any plans right now.  As for all-around online presence, we keep close with our fans on our myspace as much as we can. Once we have everything established online, we will have a much greater presence.

OB: Where can the fans find the music?


Come to shows! You can always find us there.  Check our myspace for our show dates.


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