10 Question Corner – Almost Winter


Almost Winter

OB: April 25th seems to hold lots of surprises for the fans, how did you find you new guitarist Stephen Ryan, and are you nervous about your show at the Haven? 

Almost Winter: We found Stephen through auditions, luckily for us he came in fairly quickly after we were looking. He blew us away the first audition, both with his ability and great gear and attitude. We knew he was the guy right away. We’re a bit nervous about the April 25th show in that Stephen has never played a show before but he is so damn good that we know we will destroy. We are very excited about the show. 

OB: Your new song sounds like a nice treat as well, can you tell us anything about it?

Almost Winter: Our new song is actually one that Stephen wrote, he came in with it, we jammed on it and it became something unbelievable, we’re very anxious for our fans to hear it. It was another solidifying factor that made us pick Stephen, he’s a great guy with great ability and great ideas. His songwriting ability is a great plus for Almost Winter.

OB: What is the best thing you love about your mothers?

Almost Winter: We all love our mothers because they raised us in a way that allowed us to pursue this as our dream, we’ve all been playing since we were kids so for a mother to put up with our loud noise for years means they truly care, much respect to the Moms of Almost Winter!

OB: It sounds like you finished up 2007 with a lot of interest. What are the plans to keep the ball rolling in 2008 for the band?

Almost Winter: We spent much of 2007 recording and we are set to release our first EP, but now with Stephen in the band we are looking to track some new songs that will blow our fans away, because he is really THAT good. After our EP we will have a full-length album that will be unbelievable! 

OB: Are you looking for management or signing a contract?

Almost Winter: Yes we are looking for management but it has to be right, we are five guys with heads on our shoulders and we want to find what will fit us best, be it either management or a record contract. A contract is what we all strive for, and we will do whatever it takes to achieve our dream.

OB: Being based in the central Florida area where it is particularly sunny and warm most of the year, what spawned the name “Almost Winter”.

Almost Winter: HA HA The name Almost Winter came about with certain members of the band, it was tossed around. I guess the answer why it was chosen was, “Why winter?” And our answer is and always will be, “Winter is when everything dies. ” How metal is that? Case closed.

OB: Family Guy or the Simpsons?

Almost Winter: Definitely the Simpsons because that’s the original but we must say that Family Guy definitely is funny as hell, both great shows. Let’s not forget South Park… 

OB: What is one of the most captivating experiences you have been through as a band so far?

Almost Winter: Wow, probably our most captivating experience was playing in front of the guys from Trivium. We’re all big Trivium fans anyway and having them come out to our show just to see us meant a lot, we love those guys. They were cool as hell and I hope we impressed them, just the fact that they stuck around for us means the world. We love Trivium, they made our night. 

OB: You play the Haven Lounge and the Dungeon quite a bit, it seems there aren’t many clubs supporting the “heavier” music. What are you thought on Orlando turning into a suburb Miami “booty shakin” community?

Almost Winter: Yeah it’s pretty much the Haven and Dungeon in Orlando for bands like us to play, there’s not much of a metal scene here. We’re mainly looking to branch out of Orlando, hopefully with our EP we will get shows throughout Florida, we’ve met many great bands through our site www. myspace. com/almostwinter and networking is key. We’re all brothers in this business and we support one another faithfully, there are some bands that we’ve played with that we’re die-hard fans of. We always go to their shows, and vice-versa. We just need to branch out that out to a bigger audience. A “Booty shakin’ community?” Well then I guess that’s when we hang it up, we will never be a part of that. There will always be a place for this music, no matter the climates or trends.

OB: Where did you do your recording, and did you have any conflicts with your intricate vocals?

Almost Winter: Our drummer did all of our recordings, he graduated Full Sail with a recording degree and we’re pretty impressed with what’s he’s done, he tracked all the songs to a metronome with no one else playing, that’s pretty impressive. He’s got that in his head. We hope everyone likes what we’ve done. Thanks for the time, we look to see Almost Winter dominate 2008!


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