10 Question Corner – Dead Mens Dreams

Dead Mens Dreams
OrlandoBands.com: June 21st is date we are all looking forward to. Tell us more about the CD, and the release party!

Strain (of Dead Mens Dreams): It’s going to be a huge celebration! Everyone through the door will get a FREE Dead Mens Dreams CD!!! We wanted the celebration to be at the Dungeon because that place has a great vibe, all of the zombies that come to see us are always in good spirits!

OrlandoBands.com: “The Dead are Dreaming” has had a lot of interest already. What were some of the key inspirations for the song writing of the new album?

Strain: I wanted to write songs about being dead, being on the other side, telling stories of the after life. It’s actually really strange to me how I started the lyrical writing process, after we jammed the first time lyrics just came to me for the first 3 songs that were themed to this idea without me even trying, and that’s never happened. I’ve always had to slave over my lyrics trying to figure things out. I’m not the greatest writer in the world so after the first 4 songs I asked Jim to help me and since then our collaboration is awesome! Jim comes up with some truly awesome ideas and lyrics from the other side.

OrlandoBands.com: How did the recording process differ on this album compared to past projects?

Strain: Well for one thing we actually recorded in a real recording studio Mana Recording in Tampa and had the CD mastered at a real mastering studio Fuller Sound in Miami. The other thing is that we have a studio (Audio Daze: www. myspace. com/audiodazerecordingstudio .. ) to record in too, owned by our guitarist Claudzilla, and we’re really lucky to have that. We used Claudzilla’s studio for preproduction for this album. Which made it quicker and easier for us to get in to Mana and recording exactly what we needed to record and get out. Other than that the recording process is usually the same old boring thing, drums, guitar, bass, vocals, mix, master, repeat. The fun part is writing the songs and playing them over and over to tighten them up.

OrlandoBands.com: Solstis Records has your guys back. As opposed to going completely independent like so many artists now days, what have been some of the benefits of this representation?

Strain: The guy that owns Solstis is a really good friend of ours and he knows we have something great here and he wants to be a part of it. It’s funny, I decided once I was serious about this band to treat it like a business rather than be a regular musician and just making music and playing it. The benefit it someone that does have your back, we have some money and they have some money so it’s more of a partnership than anything.

OrlandoBands.com: Being a band with so much rich music history, especially in the Orlando scene, do you find gaining fans transfers from past projects? Or, have you had to “rebuild” a new fanbase?

Strain: That’s a GREAT question! Now that I’m in a band that sounds different than any other band I’ve been in a lot of my older fans aren’t into it. Some of my friends from the music scene here are still coming to my shows but we have many, many more new fans, so yes we’ve had to rebuild my/our fanbase.

OrlandoBands.com: When the Zombie invasion goes down, would you cancel your Onstar services, in fear that the Onstar operator could be a zombie, and unlock the doors to your car just as it is covered with the undead while you are in it?

Strain: Actually you have it all wrong. We’re on the zombie’s side, and they listen to us. If there is an invasion we’ll be the ones in charge of it.

OrlandoBands.com: You guys have been releasing “tease” clips to the new album on your myspace page. How has the response been from the listeners?

Strain: Great! It’s bringing more attention to the band and the songs. The fans are really ready for the CD release and want to hear the whole CD in its entirety with the intros and interludes that aren’t on the myspace page clips that kind of solidify the whole album listening experience like in the OLD days of buying a record. I sent a CD to my friend Zack in NY and his response quote was this “The songs are awesome. This is by far the best project you have ever been part of. More so I think it can really go somewhere. I also really like the ambient filler tracks; they really give the album something more when listened to completely. Most times I hear filler stuff on an album, it doesn’t add much to it. Your singing has gotten really good. I definitely hear more power coming from your voice. The myspace samples really don’t do the album justice.” So that’s awesome! It gives me/us even more inspiration to keep this thing going.

OrlandoBands.com: The Orlando music scene is really quite something. What suggestions would you have to make it better?

Strain: Actually it’s awesome right now! I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s better than any scene in Florida. Our band has played around the state and O-Town is the place to be.

OrlandoBands.com: You guys have shared the stage with some really good people, who are some of your favorites to go and check out on your days off?

Strain: Well my tastes are totally different than other guys in this band, locally I like to go see Gargamel (of course), Fields Of Glass, Gorrilafight, Devolve, and a new comer to the scene Cethkyn, those guys go off! National band wise, I just saw Type O Negative with Hatebreed and that was a killer show. I saw Megadeth a few months ago and they are still awesome!

OrlandoBands.com: Besides the new album release, what can we expect of Dead Mens Dreams for the rest of 2008?

Strain: We’re trying to get ourselves onto a major tour so we can play the U.S. so we can spread the word of DMD. We’re also going to record more songs that we’ve been writing, and we may end up recording a little different this time and sell it online instead of doing the CD thing, we’ll see what happens, it’s all in the computers hands right now…


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