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Evolution Heart

OB: You guys have been working hard on a new album, how is the recording process going?

Evolution Heart: It’s going well. We’re having a lot of fun writing and recording at the same time. It allows us to open up and get our ideas out quickly and run with them. Then there’s the advantage of making it ourselves, so we don’t have anyone trying to wrangle us when we’re doing dumb things or running with a riff we probably shouldn’t be. It’s definitely a learning process for all of us, but in the end, it’s a lot of fun.

OB: The “Fictional Story” the album is based off of, is this story something you guys have written, or are writing within the music? Or, is the story pre written from another author?

Evolution Heart: For this album, we are writing the story as we write the music. While we’ve had the foundation of the story set in stone for a while, it’s still somewhat of an organic process because we are constantly delving into new elements within the story, getting deeper into the characters and motives and everything that goes along with it. There have been times when we have had to check ourselves though, because we never want to lose the basic concept that we are trying to achieve.

OB: The release of the Album is scheduled for Fall 2008, and exciting plans in the works for a release party?

Evolution Heart: We haven’t planned anything as of yet. Our biggest focus right now is getting to that point, but when the time does come, we will be sure to accentuate the ‘Party’ in ‘CD Release Party’ and make it a good time. EvoHeart house party anyone?

OB: You guys have signed up for the vote process to land a gig on the Vans Warped Tour. How is the contest going, and what are you doing to get people to vote for Evo Heart?

Evolution Heart: Honestly, we have no idea how their system works. Obviously there is some type of voting going on, but there seem to be a few major flaws and we aren’t putting any chickens in any baskets until we hear the word. Or is that eggs?

OB: Your song “Virtuous Sinner” has been chosen for a wakeskate video, how did you guys land this opportunity?

Evolution Heart: That would be to Kenny’s credit. He has been involved in the wakeboard community for quite a while and when George Daniels heard the music, he decided that “Virtuous Sinner” had to be the music he would ride to. George contaced Kenny through the wake-vine and it was official. We are all really honored to be featured in the video. It was a rare opportunity and we were very eager to jump aboard as the sport brings in more and more interest.

OB: If each of you won a trip to “Fantasy Island”, what would your fantasy’s be?

Evolution Heart:

TJ (Vocals/Bass): Simple. To have my girlfriend, plenty of smokes, plenty of drinks, maybe some food, and definitely some tunes.

KENNY (Guitar): I want to move to an island far away from it all. Play in the sand all day and have Bob Marley play. Drink little frozen drinks with umbrella straws. And have big chested woman dancing around with no bras. A little Cuban guy that I named Jose. Who’d be the man in charge of rolling blunts all day. Good songs, real long beer pong, your mom. Lots of weed from lots of trees and Arby’s made for me. -Kenny’s fantasy is courtesy of the Florida band band Gulf Coast Riot. Thanks guys! We enjoyed every second of working with you on your record!

JEFFEY (Drums): Lots of popsicles.

JUSTIN (Vocals/Guitar): The island would just be the top floor of my underwater house. Flying saucer in the driveway. Or bubbleway… whatever the hell underwater-people call ‘driveways’.

OB: You guys have a show coming up at the end of the month, tell us about that!

Evolution Heart: We have a couple of shows towards the end of May. On May 25th, we’re playing at the Haven in Winter Park. It is going to be a great show and we recommend that you be there, so check us out at EvolutionHeart. com and get all the information you need! After that, we are heading out to Starke, Florida to rock out at a place called Mates Billabong. We hope to see you there!

OB: Have the strange neighbors kidnapped any new dogs recently? Or, have you torched the tent?

Evolution Heart:. I have caused any damage, but the neighbors have not yet put to a halt their ever-so-strange activities. They like to build multiple camping and pool-like structures in their back yard and throw logs and shovels at the fence. I constantly fear for the dog’s safety. No one can really tell when the oddities will cease. To be continued…

OB: Johnny D is creating art for the new album. Have you guys started this process, and hows it coming around?

Evolution Heart: We are all really stoked to be working with John for our artwork. We have known him for most of our lives and he is an incredibly talented artist as well as a great musician. There is no one out there that we would rather have taking on the task of creating what we want visually for the album. As far as his progress, we are really just leaving it in his hands entirely and trying not to get in his way. We completely trust his judgement and we are really excited to see how it all turns out.

OB: Being a newer formed band in Orlando, have you been received well by other musicians fighting for their spotlights on the stage? And who are some of your favorite bands in the local scene you enjoy watching perform.

Evolution Heart: While we have certainly experienced the fight for the local spotlight, we aren’t extremely interested in involving ourselves in it. We certainly aren’t above the race, but we are really just focused on doing what we do and seeing where it takes us, and so far, it has been a really positive journey. As far as local bands that have caught our collective attention, one certainly comes to mind: Killing Hope. We had the ultimate pleasure of playing with them at the Social earlier this month and they really blew us away with their musicianship, stage presence, and personality. They are all really great guys and are extremely humble in the light of their awesome musical abilities. We are looking forward to playing with them more and watching them grow.


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