10 Question Corner – Open Windows


Open Windows

OB: How long has the Open Windows project been going?

Open Windows: We’ve been a complete band since November 2008 (so about 5 months), which is amazing to us because it feels much longer. The rate of speed we’ve been moving has been incredible. We’ve become such good friends and creative partners.

OB: Who are some of you favorite bands to play with here in Orlando?

Open Windows: Mirror Pal, The Breakfast Meat Exchange Compendium (TBMEC), and So Help Me Rifle. They’ve been incredibly supportive and encouraging. Plus, we really dig their music. Check them out!

OB: You guys are drawing a lot of interest in the local scene, besides the great music, what strategy would you say is most effective in getting people to the shows?

Open Windows: Getting people there is all about actually being friends with the people who like your music and giving them a reason to want to come (which is mainly the music). If someone at the show has the interest and heart to tell you how much they liked it, then that’s probably the type of person I’d get along with even in another setting. Of course, the music is the main thing. So far, the people that like it, really like it and believe in us, and they want to support us. We really appreciate our friends and fans who keep coming and the people who will like us when they hear us. And, the internet (esp. myspace) is an incredible tool available for independent bands these days.

OB: What are the future plans for Open Windows? Are there any big plans for 2008?

Open Windows: Since we’ve been together for such a short time, we plan to get into even more of a professional mode internally and externally. We’ve recently begun having band meetings once a week and openly discussing our goals for the rest of the week, month, etc. We plan to really push forward this year, release an assortment of live cds, and various other merchandise. Tentatively, we’ve been asked to accompany a cd release show (by Urbe Prima) at the Social in mid-June, so hopefully that will work out. That’s just one of the venues we want to get into more than a few times this year. We also want to get out of the city, state, more than a few times, and play some festivals.

OB: You guys have a great fusion of old meets new, what are some of the greatest influences that make Open Windows and define you sound?

Open Windows: On our myspace we have a variety of rock fusion genres listed. The influences come from everywhere and anywhere. Also, certain members are really into one band while another likes them a little, but likes another band a ton that another likes some of the time. Know what I mean? Off the top of my head, here are some bands at least someone is really into: The Beatles, Funkadelic, Radiohead, Wilco, Explosions in the Sky, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Muse, Mars Volta, and I’m sure I’m leaving something important out. I think our music is more the amalgamation of each person’s personality and taste, but undoubtedly the influences appear here and there in each person’s part.

OB: Choose a captain, and tell us why you picked him. ( A. Kirk, B. Crunch, C. Kangaroo, D. Jack Sparrow)

Open Windows: E. Morgan. We chose it for the apparent joke. But of the four, It’d have to be Crunch. If it were a count, it would have been Chocula. Sugar Cereals are one of the great wonders of the world. Plus, we really believe in that “You and the Captain can make it happen” thing.

OB: Which song would you say is your favorite lyrically?

Open Windows: General consensus is “Clowns in Unfinished Costumes,” which is an interesting song because Zaq wrote it acoustically and it didn’t have a name or concrete lyrics, and we played it originally with Zaq on vocals and guitar (instead of bass), but we ended up canning it after a bit. Then Michael wrote new lyrics and gave them to Steve, who sings them beautifully. Here they are:

You’ve got stars in your eyes
and a universe inside your head,
Light years and worlds that you
thought you could never forget.

You tried to defy gravity
leave behind sanity,
Get away from caged parakeets
who only know what they repeat.

What a black hole of irony.
We’re awake when we dream
and we live when we sleep.

Like magicians in a daze,
we’re illusions we create.
Circling the circles we’ve escaped.

You said we’re all explorers
lost at sea, studying maps
but begging for someone else to lead.

But explorers are never lost
inside this machine.
Even though we know
we can never be free.

back to chorus

We’re all clowns in unfinished costumes

OB: What is the “basic” song writing process for the band? Or is different each time?

Open Windows: We have three songwriters so theres always music and ideas coming in. Lyrics are sometimes done before we start playing the song as a band, but most of the time after the song has a musical structure. Basically, someone will bring in something they’ve been working on, and we’ll jam on it. In the beginning, no one talks, just playing. Then, the ideas start flooding in from each person. Sometimes, like in the case with “Caught in a Day Dream,” it feels like the song wrote itself. No one talked until we came up with the final structure. Sometimes, it takes a few practices and some reworking. Then, we play them live. We’re not afraid to try new things live before they are in their completely ready stage. Sometimes, weeks later, we’ll be rehearsing the song and someone changes something. There have even been cases where someone changes his part at a show because they feel it. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of, there is so much creative energy floating around.

OB: Please share with us one of the most eventful nights you have had as a band.

Open Windows: Probably our March 16th show at Backbooth with Mirror Pal, TBMEC, Introduction to Sunshine, and the Parachute Musical (from Nashville). There was an amazing light show planned for the show and a friend to control and create it. The night before, we all got together to rehearse so Brad (the lighting guy) could hear our songs to make the lighting schemes. The next day, we were up at Backbooth early in the afternoon watching sound checks and hanging out with everyone. Camaraderie and admiration were everywhere. At show time, It was packed (even for the opening act) and the show went amazing (understatement). People wouldn’t move from their spot in front of the stage through 5 acts. After the show, everyone was so happy, and the feeling of accomplishment and excitement were in the airwaves. It was a great group of individuals and music and overall vibe.

OB: Where can we get the music, and are there any plans or works for a new album?

Open Windows: Right now, its only tracks from that Backbooth show unmixed on our myspace. Soon, they will be mixed, and probably packaged and released and sold at shows and through the website. We have some great friends who want to record the majority of our bigger shows. Mirror Pal is putting together a dvd of the night, so we’ll be on that, too. We’re holding off on the official album for a little bit until we gain more momentum and exposure, but until then, we should have plenty of live releases up for buying, trading, etc. We have more than a normal LP worth (in terms of minutes) of what we think are excellent songs (we’ve even dropped some that didn’t come together as well as the others), so right now we just want to do some smaller releases (we would encourage trading with other fans) until we have the exposure and resources to drop an amazing album (song-wise and recording quality wise) on everyone.


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