10 Question Corner – Over the Radar


Over the Radar

OrlandoBands.com: Over the Radar is known for many great things. One of these is cart wheels in the pit, can you tell us more about your legendary acts of metal and how this came about?

Over the Radar: We were doing a show at AKA Lounge and half way through our set someone in the pit just busted out with a cart wheel much to our amazement. It was cool. We gave that guy a free Mosh Pit Survival Kit. The Orlando Metal scene has responded well to us and we are currently trying to expand our horizons to other less specific scenes. Like regeton… just kidding.

OrlandoBands.com: Around August of 2007 you guys added Brian (Bass player) into the band. The decision seems to have paid off. How difficult was the experience of filing the position?

Over the Radar: After a grueling audition process we knew he was the right fit from the get go. The decision definitely paid off. He is the hardest working musicians any of us have ever had the privilege of working with.

OrlandoBands.com: Your new album “Somewhere” is due to be released soon. Where are you guys laying down the tracks?

Over the Radar: We are producing the album ourselves at OTR Headquarters in Winter Springs.

OrlandoBands.com: How has the recording experience been on this album?

Over the Radar: So far its been great. Thats not to say it hasn’t also been hard work, it has. We have all put in some really long hours but it has paid off so far.

OrlandoBands.com: Who will be contributing to the albums cover work and do you have a theme or idea for the art?

Over the Radar: We do have several ideas, but its still up in the air. You know artists… lol

OrlandoBands.com: You guys have been getting out and playing shows in the meantime, touring regionally. Have you had any conflicts between creating the album and playing live at the same time?

Over the Radar: Its been a juggling act but we have been able to find a happy balance. If we have a show we’ll track for the first part of the week and rehearse the second part as opposed to recording throughout the entire week.

OrlandoBands.com: If you receive a call and the caller ID responds by saying “Unknown Number,” do you still answer the phone?

Over the Radar: Yea… in case its a band related call or some girl Brian may have given the wrong number to. Its 321 not 407 by the way.

OrlandoBands.com: The official release for the album is set sometime in June, any details you can share?

Over the Radar: Well, Jay just had surgery so we’ve had to postpone the release date so he can recover. Meanwhile Brian and I (Juan) can finish tracking our vocals.

OrlandoBands.com: Being a band that has “gotten” out of Orlando, how would you say our local scene here differs from other areas of Florida. And, what would you do to change it?

Over the Radar: We’ve gotten a good response most places. It all depends on the bands you play with. I will say, the girls in Jacksonville beach were… uh… uh… @!%$ Hot. Yea!

OrlandoBands.com: Who are some of the bands you’ve found that you enjoy sharing the stage with at this point?

Over the Radar: Every band we’ve played with has had something different to offer. Whether its your cup of tea or not, they’re all out there doing their thing. We need to all stick together. If we had to name somebody… Fields of Glass, Silver Stone (Arkansas), Tranquilizer, Gargamel, Dead Mens Dreams, Rising Up Angry…


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