10 Question Corner – Rabbits With Glasses


Rabbits With Glasses

Looks like you guys are starting the New Year off strong with some up coming shows. Any particular events you guys are looking to perform?

Rabbits With Glasses: We really enjoy playing a lot of the local clubs. The Haven has really come a long way and The AKA always has a nice vibe, but we’ll play anywhere. On a nation level, in the past year we opened for national acts such as the Academy is, People in Planes and the Toadies and played on the bill with Black Crowes, Bosstones, etc….hopefully this year we’re looking forward to more shows with national bands and hopefully a tour.

OB: What would you like to see Rabbits with glasses accomplish in the New Year?

Rabbits With Glasses: In 2009 we are planning to release the “Switching Off The Trees” EP, a tour, another video (for Order 66), and head back into the studio.

OB: With the economy in a challenged state, do you think it will be difficult to pull fans to live performances this year?

Rabbits With Glasses: As long as the cover and beer stays at a reasonable price and we stay smart about our bookings, The Rabbits should be ok.

OB: How has your album “Switching Off The Trees” been doing?

Rabbits With Glasses: The “Switching Off The Trees” EP is due out in late March or April. We have the last few tunes being mixed now. Then we’ll send them out to be mastered. We have local tattoo artist Lance (at I- Drive Tattoo) working on the cover art. It’s going to be an awesome cover and an awesome tattoo.

OB: You did most of the recording for this album at Grid Lock Studios I assume. Were tracks laid out at any other facility?

Rabbits With Glasses: We had a great time working with Justin at Grid Lock but due to him relocating we did have to find other places to record. We laid some tracks at HelzBelz, Talking Tab, and The Den studios. We also worked with some great engineers such as Acacia Grissett, Luis Robles, & Jeremy Burnum.

OB: Do you have any plans of going back into the studio for 2009 for a follow up record?

Rabbits With Glasses: Yes, Rabbits With Glasses has over 36 original tunes in their catalog. We plan on starting on our 1st full length Album in 2009.

OB: Why are carrots not called oranges, as they are more orange than oranges?

Rabbits With Glasses: That depends on whether the fruit defined by its color, or if the color is defined by the fruit. We actually had to research this….. Thank God for the internet. “The bright orange fleshy root vegetable we know today as the carrot is a far cry from its wild ancestor, a small tough, pale fleshed acrid root plant. Probably no one would be eating carrots that were once small, very thin, red, purple, and even black taproots with a distasteful bitterness if no one had taken an interest in improving their flavour. Luckily, some motivated Dutch people took carrots under their horticultural wings and taught them how to be sweet, it’s a long story.”

OB: Which bands do you enjoy watching perform on your off nights?

Rabbits With Glasses: We’ll check a lot of bands at HoDo’s, the AKA, Back Booth, or the Haven. Local musicians supporting local musicians.

OB: Where is the music available?

Rabbits With Glasses: You can down load the tunes off of Itunes, CD Baby, Napster, (most online sites). You can pick up the CD at Park Ave Cd’s or at the shows.

OB: What changes would you like to see Orlando undergo in order to help support our music scene for 2009?

Rabbits With Glasses: Lately I have notice some places are raising their cover charge. Most people don’t mind spending $5.00 on a local show. However, I’ve noticed some place are inching up to $7.00 and a few weeks ago I spent $12.00 for 3 local bands. The only reason I did that was because I knew some of the guys from each band. Oh, well, you have to support the local scene. And maybe some really good drink specials…….


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