10 Question Corner – Rising Up Angry

Rising Up Angry

OB: You guys have recently had a line up change. Having Jason (vocals) in the band now, how has the music changed?

Rising Up Angry (Chris Williams): The Music hasn’t changed much at all, Jason just made it better, its much more sing able now .

OB: How difficult was it to find an accomplished singer, and what were some of the tips you could give to make the challenge easier on other bands looking for new members?

Rising Up Angry: well for us it hasn’t been easy just ask anyone that has been following the band we have been through a few singers
over the years .We put a post out on myspace and had over 60 replys from all over the world. We decided on Jason for many reasons . He has the Voice ,the look ,The Stage Presents and the will to go all the way with out any excuses. Its been real hard to find some one that has all that in one guy. But were real happy we can get the show back on the road again .

OB: Rising Up Angry has been hitting the studio again, laying out new and fresh tracks. Are you concentrating on past material, or have you guys been re-writing all new songs?

Rising Up Angry: We just recorded 16 songs we Have a lot of new stuff and some of the good old songs with new killer vocals. We still have about a month or two left to finish it up. But its already sounding killer.

OB: You guys recently toured up to Chicago, and gained some really great reviews. How was the trip?

Rising Up Angry: We love playing in Chicago both Micky and I moved to Florida from Chicago about 10 years ago to start up Rising up Angry and we always have a great responce everytime we go back .

OB: Any plans to tour out of state in the future?

Rising Up Angry: Oh Yea !! as soon as the new CD is done will be touring every where so be on the look out !!

OB: Why is a round pizza put in a square box? And how does it effect a touring band on the road?

it realy depends on what time you serving it. I know for breakfast its cold and hard but nobody complains , for lunch we all sit around the bus and talk about it, some of us even try to write songs about it. But late nights after the shows were so hungry we dont care.

OB: The Entertainment Alliance has supported Rising Up Angry for some time. Are there any plans for the Alliance to take on new projects?

Its hard to say at this time ,right now they have there hands full working with Rising up angry and getting the new CD out.

OB: Gear wise, you guys have got quite a stage presence. Classic Cases has sponsored most of your equipment needs. Do you guys have any other sponsors, or endorsements?

Rising Up Angry: We have some in the works right now but I cant say till it confirmed

OB: There are big plans in the works for July 12 at the House of Blues. Tell us a bit more about the show and how can we get tickets?

Rising Up Angry: Were very excited about the House of Blues show were going to play with our friends (Who Was I )and (Love Said no) the old singer from Stereo Mudd’s new band. If you send us your address will send you some FREE tickets but you better hurry there going fast !! ( www.risingupangry@aol.com www.risingupangry@aol.com )

OB: What are some of Rising Up Angry’s plans for the rest of 2008?

Rising Up Angry: Well right now it to finish up the new CD ,Start Shopping it and Show case it for some Labels to help us get the cd and the band out touring around the world. I’d Like to thank everyone that has been supporting us over the years, that has been the driving force behind us to never give up.


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