10 Question Corner – Skindustry



OB: Has the Orlando scene been open to supporting your “WAR METAL” demo push this year?

-Adam Sagan:  Absolutely.  So far we’ve had a phenomenal response.  The demo is selling very well, both at shows and via our online merch store, which is linked to our MySpace page, www.myspace.com/skindustry.

-John Slaughter: The whole idea behind “War Metal” is to open doors where they were generally shut. We are a band that strives for something that’s defying, or pure.  I believe fans are looking for that, and in Skindustry they have found it. So with that said, naturally we receive a lot of attention and support for the recording.

OB: What methods have you used to build a new support group of fans here besides playing the stage?

-AS: We have been networking with other bands, using MySpace to the fullest, and clubbing random people over the head on the street before handing them copies of the demo.  That last one has had GREAT results so far.

-JS: Not to mention an occasional satanic sacrifice!  Hahaha…

OB: Opening the main stage at the Florida Deathfest in Jannus Landing for Carcass is a huge accomplishment. What were you guys able to take away from that experience?

-AS:  Tons.  Not only did we gain great exposure, selling tons of merch and signing lots of stuff, but it was a perfect chance for the rest of the guys in the band to experience how the behind-the-scenes elements of a large, festival-type show work.  Having previous experience with Into Eternity (Century Media Records), I personally have been in that setting before.  But it was a tremendous opportunity for everyone, including me.

-JS:  Typically festivals with powerhouses like Carcass are well organized, and any band can take away the need for professionalism in this setting. With an amazing turn out, I believe our ability to influence like-minded individuals on a large scale shows us, and the world, the powerhouse that Skindustry is becoming!

OB: SKINDUSTRY has graced the stages with bands most dream about, including Suffocation and Necrophagist, and coming soon you’ll be playing with bands like Lacuna Coil, Chimaira, Spineshank and Killswitch Engage. What are the feelings and thoughts that run through you when you see these types of opportunities open up?

-AS:  It’s a HUGE boost of confidence.  It shows us that we are making all the right moves in the jam room, on stage, and in the business aspect of things as well.  Opportunities like this don’t happen to every band every day.  Whatever we are doing is working, because opportunities keep coming.  We were recently confirmed to play at the St. Petersburg date of the 2009 Summer Slaughter tour as well, with Necrophagist, Suffocation, Origin, Darkest Hour and others, so clearly we are doing something right.

OB: Adam Sagan (drummer) is scheduled to move to Orlando and join up with you guys full time. What impact is this going to have on SKINDUSTRY?

-AS:  For starters, it means we can actually rehearse regularly!

-JS:   The impact will be huge for the simple reason that Adam brings more to the table than just his ability to play drums, and play them well! Like the cardinal points, a four-piece elite will emerge that is unstoppable, unpredictable, and loud!

-AS:  The biggest impact will definitely be on the writing.  The process is always much more organic when everyone is together in the same room, as opposed to file sharing from 1,300 miles away.

OB: Have any dates or plans been established for this summer’s “Onslaught Tour”?

-AS:  This is definitely a work-in-progress.  Currently we are focusing on the Orlando area, while simultaneously working on numerous opportunities throughout the southeastern US.

OB: Do cannibals get hungry on hour after eating a Chinaman?

-AS:  Always.  It’s like clockwork.  You know how NOT filling Chinese food is?  Eating a Chinaman is even less satisfying.

-JS:  They taste terrible!  I mean…next question!

OB: How has Orlando been different (good and bad) from St. Louis where you guys relocated from?

-JS:   It’s been apples and oranges between the two! The good thing is we were able to grow as a live band, initiating our goals and agenda in St. Louis. Orlando was like a starting ground to enact those goals which have shown an amazing return! St. Louis also showed us the importance of our live show and having a devoted hardcore scene, whereas Orlando has showed us the effects of giving 110% each and every time we perform!

OB: SKINDUSTRY is booked at the Amway Arena April 11th.  This show is going to be HUGE. What are you guys doing to push the event and how can fans help?

-AS:  Again, we’ve been hitting MySpace pretty hard, telling all our friends and families, and paying bums with 1-oz bottles of vanilla extract in exchange for standing on street corners and repeatedly yelling, “Skindustry at the Amway Arena April 11th!”  Fans interested in helping can post bulletins on MySpace and Facebook, tell their friends, and of course, come to the show!

(Editors note: That has got to be one of the greatest answers I’ve heard for self promoting, I love vanilla extract! Ha!)

OB: With so much happening, where would you like to “guide” SKINDUSTRY and be at the end of 2009? And where can we find the music?

-JS:   By the end of 2009 several goals, which are well underway, will be accomplished. Skindustry will have regional support and a management team leading to an album release and hopefully a full tour in early 2010! Keep checking the Official Skindustry MySpace for updates.  Remember: you can purchase music, shirts, girl T’s, signature guitar picks, and much more!


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