10 Question Corner – Swansinger


OB: Swansinger has been catching a lot of attention in the Orlando and outer regions. What strategies or techniques would you guys say has turned so much attention to the band?

Josh: Nothing complicated, really.  Just playing as many shows as possible in front of new people and in new places.  We’ve been networking with other bands from the area that we believe in as well in order to focus on building a “scene” together.  We try to expose their fans to our music and our fans to theirs.  We believe in our music, and hopefully other people will too.

OB: Your “thick” sound has influences from many genres and comes together very eventful. How do you go about constructing such an attention demanding presence with the music?

Cassie: The fact that all four of us have such different musical influences helps us to create a notable sound that can’t necessarily be attributed to any specific genre. Because we all have varying musical preferences, be it heavy metal, new wave, alternative, progressive, punk or folk, we pull the qualities out of each that fits cohesively into a sound that keeps our listeners guessing as to what we will come up with next.

OB: Has your release of “Wide awake and consumed” lived up to its expectations?

Cassie: In my opinion, it has lived up to our expectations as a band from a musical standpoint. Individually, each member was given a ‘time to shine’ on this record, so our personalities as musicians could be heard. The album has become an extension of our creativity as artists, which I appreciate. Commercially, I think we are happy with the success and excitement the album has generated with our fans, but I look forward to reaching people in places that haven’t had the chance to hear this album yet!

OB: The Swansinger project has mutated into new life over the years. Describe how the band was originally when founded by Joe, and what are some of the major changes musically you guys pursue now?

Josh: Well, in the beginning the band consisted of acoustic guitar, bass, drums, cello, violin, and eventually French horn.  It was really more of a folk/alternative project.  The big turning point was when we parted ways with the “classical” players and Kevin came into the band and brought the element of the electric guitar.  It wasn’t too long after that when Joe switched to electric guitar as well.  We started to become more of a rock band that had these unique stylistic influences.  Finally, when Cassie came into the picture and we had keys in the band instead of traditional bass it opened up a lot of doors for us musically that we hadn’t had a chance to go through before.  Now I’m using a lot of electronics too and the band is writing some very progressive music.  We’re all very excited about the music and album that we’re writing now. 

OB: Why do people think that swaying their arm back and forth would change the direction of a bowling ball?

Josh: Because in general, people are stupid.  If you need further proof of this, see the Bush administration.

OB: Do you have any plans of recording in the near future?

Josh: Actually, we’re already recording the next album.  I’ve already started tracking drums for about half of the album and we’re very excited about the sounds that we’re getting.  We’re looking to release the album, which is going to be called The Mark, by early 2009.  If you would like an idea of what the subject matter is, feel free to check out www.wethepeoplewillnotbechipped.com

OB: What artists do you guys particularly look forward to playing with?

Cassie: On the local front, we’re enjoying playing with innovative bands that aren’t afraid to think outside the box. I think we all appreciate bands that branch out of the same standard, generic rock ‘sound’ that had become a staple of what local music was becoming. As of late, I am really excited about the music that has emerged from the underground in Orlando, fusing the old tricks with brand new sounds creating a diverse and unique scene . Rogue-Fi, Traverser, Sugarfreemusic, Lucky Livingstons, Open Windows, Extraterrestrial Pedestrians, Summerbirds in the Cellar, and Ocean Giants are just a few bands that we look forward to working with.

OB: Musically, the band as a whole is very tight on album and live. Tell us how an average rehearsal session goes for you guys?

Josh: What we do in rehearsal really depends on what we’ve got coming up in our schedule.  When we’re practicing a set for an upcoming show we try to run through that set as though we’re actually playing the show as opposed to just casually running through the songs.  We really feel that our live show is the most important element to our success, so we always do our best to give the audience the most professional, emotional, and intense experience possible.  If we’re working on new material we sort of jam out new ideas together until we feel that the song is done.  Sometimes we write a song in a day, sometimes it takes us months.  It just depends on us all feeling that the song is accomplishing what it is supposed to musically.  

OB: Whats coming up in the near future for the band, and where can we find the music?

Cassie: This October we’re going on a tour of the east coast, kicking off in Philadelphia and ending in Orlando. For specific dates, check out www.myspace.com/swansingermusic. We’re putting a show together in early October to serve as a fundraiser for the tour. The show will be recorded live, so this will be a great opportunity for our fans to come together and be a part of a Swansinger recording! As Josh said earlier, we’re working on recording our new album which will be available in 2009. As always, we are continuing to play out live in Orlando as well as playing out of town as much as possible so our music can reach new ears. You can find our current album, Wide Awake and Consumed, at Park Avenue CDs, Colonial Photo and Hobby, and cdbaby.com/cd/swansingermusic.

OB: What are your top concerns for accomplishment in the Orlando area, and what where would you like Swansinger to be next summer?

Cassie: We hope that our new album will inspire our listeners musically as well as politically. Our sound has really expanded and grown from our first album, and we address some political issues that are not necessarily public knowledge. We hope to fuse music with information in a way that is representative of our combined artistic visions.

Josh: By next summer we want to be continuing our touring schedule.  For now we’re setting up small one-to-two-week tours that we will go on once every couple of months.  After we build a solid fan base outside of Central Florida we will focus on longer tours.  We do want to continue growing our Orlando fan base, but the only way we’re going to get anywhere in this industry is to get our music into the ears of as many people as possible in as many places as possible.  And the only way we’re going to do that is to play in as many cities and towns as possible.  So, touring is our primary focus for the growth of our band. 


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