10 Question Corner – Weszt



OB: You guys have been at this project for some time, and are gaining some real ground. Has the step taking process become easier in any light, given all hurdles you have already jumped?

Weszt: In some ways things have gotten easier, or we’ve simply gotten thicker skinned. We’ve done literally hundreds of shows the last few years to the late nights, early mornings, and inconsistent schedule doesn’t really phase us. The business is still hard at times, but we shrug off the rough stuff better than before.

OB: Working with James Paul Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever & New Found Glory) is an exciting accomplishment. How can you describe your experience working with such and experienced professional?

Weszt: James is a monster – in a very good way! We weren’t completely prepared the first time to work with somebody whose ear is so sharp and is so hard working, but we snapped into shape eventually. The second time we worked with James, we’d had three years to prepare so the collaboration was much more enjoyable and we got a lot more done in a shorter period of time. We definitely want to work with James again because we don’t feel we’ve done the record yet we were meant to do with him.

OB: Touring with Drowning Pool, Days of the New, Hootie & The Blowfish (just to name a few) has got to make some good camp fire stories. What was one of the greatest times you’ve had on the road so far?

Weszt: One of our favorite stories is with Drowning Pool at Gasparilla last year. Though we were opening for them, we didn’t have a trailer (the event was outdoors) and spent our time before and after our set wandering around. The guys in DP not only sent us out some food but also a keg of beer! Made the whole day of us.

OB: So far, you guys have been up and down the coast over half a dozen times. By now, your checklist of “things to bring” must be memorized. What are some items you take with you, that are detrimental if forgotten?

Weszt: Some things like guitar picks you can typically get anywhere, but toilet paper has got to be stowed somewhere. You don’t miss it until you can’t find any! All humor aside, we always make sure to bring maps, cell phones, chargers, and backup band equipment, among other things.

OB: Do you have any tips for new musicians who are looking to travel out of state?

Weszt: Get AAA, treat every show as if you’re playing for the biggest crowd ever, and always be courteous to the club and their staff.

OB: “Crawl to the Outside” has been rumored to be featured in a featured film this year. What can you tell us about this, and what steps lead to such a great accomplishment?

Weszt: We signed a contract for “Crawl” to be in a film that should come out this summer. The working title was “Tom and Marlowe”, but beyond that, we’ve got to wait a little while before spilling the beans.

OB: Who would be the star to play you in the movie version of the band, and why?

Weszt: With my luck, Tom Green would be playing me [lead singer]

OB: You guys have done very well with exposure (1st place in the first two rounds of the Bodog Million Dollar Battle of the Bands, Florida Grammy Semifinalists). Where are you looking to claim ground next for Westz?

Weszt: We’ve been asked a few times to do some major shows and couple of tours that we’ve needed to pass on. We’re actually hoping to regroup a little, add a lot of new material, then start reaching a bit beyond Florida. Admittedly we do have some irons in the fire, but we’ll keep those to ourselves for the moment.

OB: Where did the bands name originate from?

Weszt: Weszt is the name of our lead singer. Sounded sexier than “Michael” or “Bobby” LOL

OB: You guys were also filmed for features on TBS & Discovery Channel. Tell us about that experience, and how it felt.

Weszt: We were filmed a few years ago while on tour and considering we simply got to do our thing on stage, I’d say the experience was worthwhile! Not necessarily the audience that might best like the band, but not an unwelcome opportunity by any means.


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