10 Question Corner – Nonpoint



OB: The Nonpoint project has been super busy! How has the recordings been coming along for the newest album?

Nonpoint: So far good, we are working really hard to write songs and put things together. We work everyday of the week and plan to for the next couple of months.

OB: You did some traveling to Arizona, how was the trip and how did it help with the creation aspect?

Nonpoint: The trip to arizona was amazing, the creative knowledge that we came back with was amazing. we worked with amazing people that have accomplished quite a few things in this industry so it was an amazing experience sitting there talking about creating music.

OB: Have you come up with a name for the album yet?

Nonpoint: Well weve thrown a couple of titles out there but it is so early in the game for that at the moment. Once the record is finally written we will see what the vibe is.

OB: You guys are preparing to stomp your way through Florida, all the way home. How does it fee to know your going to be playing on your home turf again?

Nonpoint: It always feel good the play for your home state fans, we don’t just represent south Florida we represent the entire state. There are a lot of good bands here in Florida that labels need to continue to come down here and check these bands out.

OB: The Orlando show at the House of Blues on June 27th should be exceptional. Who will you guys be playing with?

Nonpoint: I love playing that venue, its my favorite venue in the country. the people, the vibe, sound system, stage, fans. Its one amazing package. We will be tearing up that stage with our friends in Rising Up Angry from Orlando and my home boys from Fort Lauderdale Kezia. Any people reading this that live in the Orlando area please spread the word about this show. It will be sick.

OB: Your show in your hometown Fort Lauderdale at club Revolution on July 2nd im sure will be off the hook! How do you plan on keeping a riot from breaking out?!

Nonpoint: Well i am not sure about a riot but our fans down here have always been amazing. I mean this is home and where we got out start. We always are excited about playing in Lauderdale. That night should be a special night. We will have fun for sure.

OB: Then, its off to Daytona on July 3rd with Buckcherry at the Coca Cola pavilion. Will you guys be staying to watch some fireworks? Or, perhaps lighting your own?

Nonpoint: I am sure we will hang out for a bit seeing that we are tight with the buckcherry guys. Always a treat to play with them. Classy band for sure.

OB: Nonpoint started 2009 like being shot from a cannon. Were half way through the year, what do you guys feel has been the best accomplishment so far.

Nonpoint: Well that we have been in a positive state of mind is an amazing accomplishment. Also the mudvayne tour was pretty amazing as well. Got to play to packed houses every night and meet a lot of new fans as well. Killer deal if you ask me.

OB: Where would you like to see Nonpoint at the end of this year?

Nonpoint: Well all of us would like to have good with a hungry label that wants to work as hard as we do. Also the record finished would be amazing as well.

OB: Are kidneys shaped like the bean, or the beans shaped like kidneys?

Nonpoint: huh?

OB: Out of all the previous albums you guys have released, which one do you think your fans dig the most?

Nonpoint: Statement and to the pain for sure. But all the records have been different fans favorites. But those two i mentioned for sure. I guess we got lucky there. lol

OB: You guys have toured with a ton of great artists. Is there still anyone you look forward to playing with?

Nonpoint: Man i would love to tour with the deftones. We are all fans of that band. Would be killer for sure. But honestly i want tour with anyone that is cool and fun to tour with and with bands that have big fan bases, that way we can get exposed to new people.

OB: Having one of your songs in a video game (SmackDown vs Raw 2007) has got to be fun. Any other games, such as Packman or Halo you’d like to create a soundtrack to?

Nonpoint:  I want our music to get on as many things as possible. All that does is build your profile and open your self to new people. Being on that wrestling game was amazing cause it reached such a different demograpbhic of people.

OB: Your cover of “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins shows how versatile you guys really can be. Any plans on covering any other interesting songs? If so, can I suggest something by Tiny Tim?

Nonpoint: Who is tiny tim? And no we wont do it. lol. We have talked about covers and i am sure if we do another one it will be from a credible artist for sure.

(Editors Note: I still believe in you Tiny Tim, even though Nonpoint won’t be joining you in tip toe’ing through the tullips!)


OB: How soon until the new album hits stores?

Nonpoint:  look for it in early 2010


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