10 Question Corner – Pellets on Target


Pellets on target

OB: Pellets On Target brings a vintage sound into the Orlando scene, what type of crowd have you guys drawn in the time you’ve had on stage?

Pellets on target: Since we’ve been playing out we have gotten a great response from teenagers to people in their 60’s. This is due to the unique blend of different genres of music that we play. We have a lot of musical influences and like to try new things. With the different styles of music come different fans. We’ve had metal fans say they love our music and also reggae bands and many more bands and fans. We just like the fact that we are so diverse and have a wide spread fan base.

OB: Has adding Danny and Johnny into the project effected the way you guys write your songs?

Pellets on target: The addition of Danny and Johnny didn’t really affect too much. We had written a lot of songs early on and had a lot formatted out when they got there. They definitely added some cool things to the table and added their own parts and sounds to the project. We like to jam out and are currently working on new material where we hope to write more as a whole band in jamming style and see where it goes.

OB: What are some of your goals for Pellets On Target locally?

Pellets on target: We want to get a big following of people that enjoy listening to our music and coming out to our shows. It’s all about the fans and feedback from them. Shows just aren’t as fun with no people there. We would like to play bigger places like the Hard Rock live, House of Blues or the Social whenever they will have us there. Expansion of the band around FL and then around the country is the ultimate goal.

OB: From the view of a newer band hitting the Orlando stages, what strategy would you say has helped with kick starting the exposure for the project?

Pellets on target: It’s all about getting out there and playing for people. It’s great to have people hear your music and to get the feedback from the crowd. Some clubs or bars may be smaller than others, but we all pay our dues in this business. Don’t let things get you down and keep your music true.

OB: Are you interested in label representation? Or would you guys rather stay independent?

Pellets on target: It would be nice to get signed by a label, but you have to watch out what you sign in a contract. I don’t want to give up the ownership or creative rights to our music if we do end up getting signed. That’s what’s good about the independent thing. Labels can get great exposure for our band and other helpful marketing tools. We probably wouldn’t turn away a good offer if we saw one as long as we can keep the music pure.

OB: Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?

Pellets on target: That’s a very philosophical question… I don’t remember being an infant, which is probably because of my adulthood… Adults can have so much fun as they get older, but with that come responsibility and lost innocence. It was nice to have no worries back in the days of infancy, but being an adult is a blast. Infants do what they do and adults choose what they do in life. 

OB: How has it been working with Frank Starchak on your first studio album? 

Pellets on target: Frank was an awesome guy and great to work with in the studio. He is very laid back, but yet still professional and all about the music. It was a really fun time recording at his studio in Deltona and I would like to work with him again in the future.

OB: Any plans for an out of state tour with the new album “Attic Breeze”?

Pellets on target: We would like to set something up for early next year. There’s a possibility of us going towards the Chicago area for a small tour in February, but we’ll see what happens. I would love to tour from coast to coast if we got the opportunity to. We all love playing music and traveling and I’m sure we’ll all go on some kind of tour sooner or later if that doesn’t work out.

OB: Who have you guys enjoyed playing with here in Orlando?

Pellets on target: Orlando has been a really fun place to play. There are so many different places to play around and each one has been a very interesting experience. The people around here seem to really enjoy our music, which makes it even more enjoyable for us. 

OB: Where can we find the music?

Pellets on target: We have our debut CD on sale right now called “Attic Breeze” for $10. You can find the link on our myspace page or website. We are working on getting on Itunes and the other digital markets right now but that will happen soon. We also plan on selling it at the Park Ave. Records stores in Orlando. We also usually sell it to people at the show for half the price since they are rocking out and drinking alcohol. We all know bars aren’t cheap for those who like to indulge…


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