10 Question Corner – Knickers Down


Knickers Down

OB: Your love for the fans seems to play a key part in great turnouts. How would you explain your relationship with the members of your audience?

Knickers Down: I think it’s safe to say that the members of our audience are along for the ride. They really never know what’s going to happen next, and that’s part of the fun. Most of our audience members know us personally, and if they don’t, they do soon after meeting us. I think it’s this intimacy with our fans that makes our shows all that more special.

OB: You’ve had a great turnout on views with your videos on Youtube, how has this avenue helped the band?

Knickers Down: It’s allowed us to do the one thing that we can’t do when selling cd’s: Capturing the band’s live show. A big problem we’ve run into recently is people considering us as “just a cover band”, but I don’t think we’re a cover band at all. Sure you might know the songs we’re playing, but you’ve never seen them like this before. Youtube has been a valueable tool in helping us get that point across.

OB: What is the farthest region you guys have had response from with your videos?

Knickers Down: Oh God, I think they’re everywhere. South American, Europe, China. Really, they’ve gone worldwide.

OB: What is your view on the Orlando scene, what could be changed to make it better?

Knickers Down: Less competition and more Unity. Enough of this “my band is better than yours” crap. It’s old, and nobody cares. Quit whining about why no one came to your show, pull your pants up and make some music. Let’s help each other out and we can all achieve our dreams.

OB: Any plans for touring soon?

Knickers Down: Always planning on touring soon. Details to follow, and keep an eye on myspace.

OB: You guys have some great shows coming up in the future, what are some musicians you guys still have yet to share the stage with that you are looking forward too?

Knickers Down: Agent Orange is a definite one that we look forward to. We were supposed to play with them a little while back but a SNAFU kind of derailed it. They’re coming through again shortly and we’re trying to work it out again.

OB: What’s the speed of “Dark”?

Knickers Down: Fourty-Two

OB: Who are some of your favorite bands to check out in Orlando, when you guys aren’t on stage?

Knickers Down: Hands down favorite is Lost in Chaos. Those guys are a national act pretending to be locals. Go see them!

OB: How has Ross been working out on the drums? Has the music influence changed at all over this change up?

Knickers Down: Ross? Who’s Ross? Dan’s working out great, and our lineup has finally been solidified with the addition of Ray on Guitar. It adds a whole new aspect to our show. We still see Ross every now and then, great guy, great player, and great supporter of our endeavors. And our music influence is solid, we like what we do, and we feel we do it well.

OB: Where can we find Knickers down music?

Knickers Down: At your local cemetery. Failing that, you can get it at www. myspace. com/knickersdownrocks


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