10 Question Corner – Eyez



You’ve developed an interesting artist perspective toward your music. Your “sobbing music and diamond tears,” intro is very curious. How would you describe the relation of this introduction to you’re the music you write?

Eyez: Thank you, the relation to my music is that with every note I write comes from my heart. including my lyrics. Be it about love, hate, crimes or any event.

OB: Your mother and sisters are music majors along with an aunt who is involved in opera. Sounds like you have a lot of support for your projects, how does your family influence or come into play?

Eyez: They influence my career in a negative way. They always have something bad to say about my music and how its not right and what music should be or sound like.

OB: At what age did you begin playing the piano?

Eyez: Its hard to say because I grew up with a piano around me.

The first songs I played on piano was Jesus loves me, and I played some where over the rainbow (the melody) by ear as well as a part of that world by the little mermaid.

OB: When creating a new song, do you have a typical formula?

Eyez: I guess the only formula is to try to trick the listener

OB: I’ve read that Aaliyah is your greatest musical influence. Who are some of the others?

Eyez: Michael Jackson, Judy Garland, and honestly the Little Mermaid and Jessica Rabbit.

OB: Is there any new studio time coming up?

Eyez: No

OB: Are you looking for a label deal, or do you prefer staying independent?

Eyez: Well both. I like being independent because at times I get to do what I want to do, but I dont have the money to do it. I like being indie because I can network with people I feel comfortable with. And the final say so is always me. I cant let any one control my music or public persona.

OB: Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?

Eyez: I have no idea but i think i know why your asking. lol

OB: The move from California to Orlando is a big step. What are you looking to accomplish most here?

Eyez: To become a POP star!

OB: Where can we find your music?

Eyez: Myspace, Snocap and Myxertones. I will have some songs up on itunes. Also, Soundclick, Reverbnation and youtube!

Thank you ben Gardner and OrlandoBands.com for this amazing oppertunity!







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