Erics Banderview – Fields of Glass

Eric’s Banderview

October 31st, 2009

Moshtoberfest II-The Haven

Fields of Glass

Greetings fans of music and excitement and…uhhh…music. Last week, for the debut of the Banderview, you didn’t really get a “Banderview”, so before we get into the Banderview, let me explain a little bit about what the usual format of the Banderview will be.

I like to go to live, local shows. Why? It’s intimate, exciting, personal, and also, it’s usually dirt cheap. If you are a fan of live, local shows, than you are in the right state and town, because Orlando has A LOT of bands, venues, and therefore, shows.

Each month, I will go to a show and I will talk to a band. I will then tell you a little bit about their set the night I saw them, and also what they sound like in general, so that you may go ahead and check the said band out. I will also be providing an interview to let you in the minds of some of the band members, to get an idea of where the music is coming from.

Now, I went to the second night of Moshtoberfest at The Haven, and I had a BLAST. Some amazing bands played that night. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND people check out Familiar Sin, which is old school thrash metal with some awesome rock’n’roll melody, and Misanthropist, which is some sick, brutal death metal.

But this Banderview is about a band that I consider personal friends of mine. I’ve been going to their shows for the past two years or so, and I’ve watched this band grow to a titan in the local Orlando metal scene. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for the blackness. It is the almight Fields of Glass.

Hailing from Altamonte, FL, this is a band of EIGHT people. EIGHT! If you like gothic, symphonic, heavy, thrashy metal, then you need to look no further than Fields of Glass. There is no slouch in this band, every instrument plays an equally important and integral part in the music, and every musician is working their collective hind parts off to bring you not just a set, but a live, raw, real, energetic show!

This was Halloween, and on this night, everyone was in costume, but if you know Fields of Glass, you know that Halloween made little to not difference in the way this band presents itself. Faces paint white with black streaks, everyone decked out in leather and chainmail, it becomes apparent that this is not just a larger than average band

This is a small army.

With a cello!

The music ranges from the softer, gothic, and haunting opening of The Last Legend, where female lead singer Jeni and cellist Nox take the lead with music that will send chills down your soul, to the fast paced, fan participation required chorus of Arise, where both singers are belting out screams and growls that will frighten the faint of heart into an early grave, mixed with the chaotic battle sounds of the duel guitars and frigate-esque drumset, and to the down right brooding cover of The Phantom of the Opera.

Their new song, Macabre Embrace, is becoming my personal favorite, as the band first assaults your face with an epic battle cry of emotion and rage, and then chills your soul with an equally epic, symphonic chorus that will make loved ones weep for their fallen lovers(which they lost in the mosh pit that preceded the chorus).

If you are not drawn in by the image, the sound, and the show of Fields of Glass, I have to question your love of metal. It’s blacker than the black, more epic the most epic, and by god, it’s down right fun.

After the show, I got a chance to talk to three members of the band. Fun, down to earth, and dedicated to their craft, this was a fun interview.

Eric: What’s up! This is Eric Mann from here with an another edition of Eric’s Banderview, today with the almighty, magnificent, ‘from the blackness’, Fields of Glass! I got three of them here, and if you could just tell me your name and what you play.

Fenris: Fenris, vocals.

Nox: Nox, cello.

Justice: Justice, guitarist.

Eric: They have cool names. Alright, I’m gonna get what everyone considers the ‘hard question’ out of the way first. What do you sound like

Justice: Fenris, field that one. What are we?

Fenris: The standard answer is dark, heavy, gothic metal, but you really need to see it for yourself to make your own ascertation.

Justice: Ascertation.

Nox: That’s a two dollar word.

Fenris: A two dollar word from a fifty cent guy.

Eric: So, there you go, they play heavy music and use big words. You can’t really go wrong. You’ll get smarter if you listen to it. Now, next up, everyone here has been in various projects, and not just Fields of Glass, so you all have played various shows, done various gigs around the Central Florida scene. How do you access the Central Florida Metal Scene?

Justice: Of course we love the scene, we love the people and the energy and everyone that supports us, supports the music in the local scene, we love that and we feed off the energy of the people.

Nox: The metal scene is pretty strong here, and there’s a big community that supports each other. It’s really awesome, I think more so than many other cities. I do acoustic gigs and open mic stuff, and I think the metal scene is stronger than other music scenes in Orlando.

Fenris: The only thing this scene needs is, there’s lots of small groups here doing great stuff, and they need to galvanize and become one cohesive unit. This town needs an enema, in the words of the Joker, we are that enema.

Nox: And kill emo kids.

Justice: I myself could probably use an enema, you know, just to clean that icky stuff out.

Eric: They are both fun and good for you. So, anybody who’s seen a Fields of Glass show or even just visited the myspace page knows that image is a big deal in Fields of Glass. You guys clearly look different from the average metal band that just plays. Where did the pagan look come from?

Fenris: We try to supply what we feel the world needs at the moment. There’s a clear lack of certain things, and we are the answer to that lack. There’s too much t-shirt and jeans with awesome music, and you need a little bit more. The show needs a little more than just awesome music.

Eric: It’s not just a show, it’s an event.

Fenris: It should in fact be an event, in the words of Spanky Love(lead singer of Lunatic Candy Kreep).

Justice: We try to express that we put on a live, energetic show. Look, make up, costume, everything is to put out as much energy for the people and express what we do.

Nox: For a lot of us, it’s expression and self-expression, and for a lot of people, that image, it’s striking to people, and it’s something that’s, not palatable, but it’s something they can grab onto. There’s 8 members in our band, and everyone has their own aura, and that whole image is who we are, and it all goes together.

Fenris: We don’t have to explain exactly what is going on, but the people that get it get it. Maybe not right away, but somewhere deep, they get what we’re doing, and they definitely respond to it and it keeps them coming back.

Justice: We want our audience to not just enjoy what they see, we want them to feel apart of what we’re doing. They’re apart of us, sharing with us what we’re doing, the same energy.

Eric: Now, you have 8 members of your band, and along with the traditional 2 guitars, bass, and drum, you have 2 vocalist, a keyboardist, and a cellist. Now, as the cellist, Nox, is it ever intimidating to get up in front of a metal crowd with…a cello?

Nox: Actually, not at all, because I love what I do and I know that people are going to be receptive of it. I’ve even had people come up to me after shows and be like “Damn, you’re like Yo Yo Ma on acid!” And I’m like, damn, I’m not THAT great, but, you know, it’s a unique approach, and I’m proud to be a female in a metal band and a cellist.

Eric: Okay, now for a fun one. If Fields of Glass could be sponsored by ANYTHING-


Nox: No.

Justice: Oh. IBANEZ!

Fenris: SATAN!

Justice: THE DEVIL!

Nox: I think the three most important things American Honey Whiskey-

Justice: And Ibanez guitars.

Nox: Djarum Clove Cigarettes-

Justice: And Ibanez guitars.

Nox: And fleshlight!

Justice: Did I mention Ibanez guitars?

Nox: And carbon fiber cellos! Somebody, PLEASE, I need one.

Eric: So if you are from carbon fiber cellos, Ibanez guitars, fleshlight, Djarum Cloves, or American Honey Whiskey, pick up Fields of Glass, sponsor them, and give them free things…especially fleshlight.

Justice: Kaj! Talk to Kaj!

Eric: KAJ! What do you play?

Kaj: What do I play? WHAT DO I PLAY?!

Eric: It’s not for me, it’s for people who don’t know.

Kaj: Oh, for those who do not know. I beat the drums.

Eric: He doesn’t play them, he beats them.

Kaj: They cry out each night for me to stop.

Eric: Alright, let’s go into final words

Fenris: Don’t ever quit fighting, any band can make a different, you gotta work. You gotta be more than your competition. You gotta go the route less traveled by and pass the others there by.

Justice: Come see Fields of Glass, wherever you are. You gotta work to get where your going. We just traveled five hours(the day before) to play a tiny set, but it was awesome! Go check your local bands and follow them. Support each other and help them get somewhere.

Nox: Except for the emo bands.

Kaj: I think the best way is to attack the jugular, and once it’s bleeding, we sound so much better, because the life bleeding from you, we continue on. All sounds are just inaudible, incoherent. Wait, I have more to say after I take a big swig of honey whiskey.

Nox: I don’t think that’s honey whiskey.

Kaj: That is NOT honey whiskey, and now I have nothing else good to say.

Eric: Alright, this has been Eric’s Banderview with Fields of Glass. Check them OUT! I am Eric Mann with signing out!

Nox: I love Eric Mann!

Check out Fields of Glass November 20th at The Haven with Mobile Death Camp(featuring Ex-Gwar Bassist), And Utero Dominae, THEM(King Diamond/Mercyful Fate Tribute band), My Evil Side, and Death By Asphyxiation(formerly Alaric), and then again in Tampa at The Brass Mug on the 21st with Mobile Death Camp, And Utero Dominae, and Paris Is Burning! Thanks to Fields of Glass for being so cool and talking to me, and thanks to The Haven for putting on such an awesome show! I’m Eric Mann, this was the Banderview, and remember to stay tuned to for all your local music needs! Peace!


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