Erics Banderview – Scorned

Eric’s Banderview



Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. My name is Eric Mann, and this, good friends, it he almighty Banderview. Now, I’m sure you are wondering, “Eric, what is a Banderview?” You probably say this kind of whiny, cuz, you know, that’s what you are like. It’s all good, though, cuz I’ll answer anyway.

A Banderview, my good chum, is part band, part interview, and part set review. More or less, what you are about to read is my personal review of a particular bands set for a particular evening. I then seek out that band and I interview them. Why do I do this?

Cuz I want to promote music that doesn’t suck. I’m not going to review music I thought was terrible, because that’s too hard for me to do. It’s much easier for me to rant about a band I like than a band I don’t. With that said, I will seek to bring you multiple genre’s of music awesomeness, and I hope you check out the bands that I recommend.

With that being said, let’s move on to our band. I went to Darkfest this weekend, and I had a wonderful time. Lots of bands, lots of fun, and while I was sober, people were drinking all over the place, and that’s just fun to me. Before I can get into the band I am going to rave about, let me bring up some honorable mentions that were absolutely incredible.

Odessa Mange: It was just amazing that these guys were there. A day full of mostly hardcore, with some metal thrown in, and here are guys doing old school rock’n’roll with some awesome old school punk influences. Energetic and just plain fun, if you are not movin’ and groovin’, you must be dead.

Societies Plague: Melodic hardcore from Lexington, Kentucky, these guys(and girl) know how to rock. If you are into bands such as Inhale Exhale, Ekotren, and maybe even Alesana, you should really check these guys out.

Lydia Can’t Breathe: I have no idea how to describe these guys, but they rule! No drop tune D, no pig squeels, and no repetitive breakdowns. Just awesome, fun, super angry hardcore. You’ll want to smash something.

A Perfect Existence: Don’t let the age fool you. Though the oldest member of the band is only 19, this band puts on an insanely awesome, tight show. In the veins of heavy Blessthefall and The Devil Wears Prada, this band is full of future rock(or at least hardcore) stars.

Discordia: For fans of old school All That Remains and maybe even a little Lamb of God, here’s a band that will not disappoint. Heavy breakdowns, awesome guitar work, this is a band that knows how to merge hardcore and metal.

Those are the bands that really stuck out in my mind. However, also at this show was one of my personal favorite bands in the Orlando scene. Now, bare in mind, in this review, I’m totally biased, mainly because this band lets me sing with them onstage. Scorned took the stage at Darkfest, which makes sense, cuz Darkfest was sorta brought together by Scorned. Let me tell you something, Scorned is incredible. They had some equipment issues(lead guitar amp was doing something screwey, and the microphone kept screwing up), but Scorned easily makes up for that by pulling the crowd into an insane frenzy of energy and excitement and never lets go, at least, not until the set ends. Scorned is from right here in Orlando, and let me tell you, we are lucky to have these nu-metal masters.

The set list was as follows: Slave, It Doesn’t Matter(This is the song where fans get to sing along), 5..7, Bury Me, Happy Birthday Flake(It was the lead singer, Snowflakes, birthday), Cleansing, Break Down The Walls(request on WJRR’s Native Noise), One Way Reflections, and the hit single Welcome To The End.

Every song provides it’s own intensity, it’s own melody, and if you aren’t moving, you must be deaf, because this band knows how to rock people. For fans of old school Nu-Metal in the veins of early Slipknot, Coal Chamber, and Motograter, and also for people a little tired of the usual drop tune D, pig squeal, crunchy breakdowns, Scorned will bring the heavy in a manner that you may not have heard in quite some time.

The show was great, the pit was crazy, and Scorned was a great headliner for Darkfest!

Several hours before the show, I sat down with Nikka, the bassist, and Freeze, the drummer. Freeze wasn’t wearing his mask yet, so at this point, he was allowed to talk. Chamo, one of the guitarists, joined in and added some wonderful Venezuelan Spanish into the mix towards the middle of the interview. Also: Be ready for lots of references to Gorillafight.

Eric: What’s going on! It’s Eric Mann for with Eric’s Banderview. I’m here with the bassist and drummer of Scorned. Which, that seems like an odd choice, but they think they’re important, so that’s the two we picked. Drummer, tell me your name.

Freeze: My name is Freeze.

Eric: Bassist, tell me your name.

Nikka: John.

Eric: I hate you dude.

Nikka: My people call me Nikka.

Eric: Alright, cool cool cool. This isn’t going to be serious at all, and I apologize in advance.

Nikka: It’s getting serious.

Eric: Oh, is it serious
Nikka: It’s getting pretty serious right now.

Eric: Is it on?

Nikka: It’s on.

Eric: Alright.

Nikka: Cuz you’re almost about to get hit.


Nikka: Alright, now your good.

Eric: Alright, first question, because you want to be famous and travel the world and sell out Madison Square Garden-

Nikka: Woah, who said that?

Eric: Okay, maybe you don’t. Maybe you want to be underground forever and never make any money, but that’s your business.

Freeze: Isn’t that everyone’s idea of business?

Eric: BUT if you could compare yourself to anyone, like, if someone wanted to come to your show, but they wanted to know what you sound like first, what would you compare yourself to?

Nikka: Do you want my honest answer?

Eric: Yeah, honest answer.

Nikka: Jesus.

Eric: You sound like Jesus?

Nikka: We sound like Jesus.

Eric: He’s metal, with the long hair and the beard.

Nikka: Exactly. I was trying for Jesus, but then I had to cut my hair.

Freeze: I took over the role of Jesus for him.

Nikka: But nobody sees your face.

Freeze: But nobody sees my face.

Nikka: But Kevin from Gorillafight says he has a very beautiful face.

Freeze: If Gorillafight says it, it must be true.

Eric: So, are we going to get a serious answer out of this one?

Nikka: You go ahead.

Freeze: No, I don’t want to do this one. I don’t want to say anything wrong.

Eric: You can’t say anything wrong, we’re wrong already.

Nikka: Why? What’s wrong with Jesus? You don’t think we sound like Jesus, Eric. I mean, let me put it down like this. Eric, we’ve played, like, seven shows in the past several months. In seven shows, I’ve seen Eric in the front row. I’d have to say we’re Jesus in Eric’s eyes.

Eric: I do pretty much worship you guys.

Freeze: Eric is our disciple.

Nikka: Numero Uno.

Eric: You know, it’s what I do.

Nikka: We’re playing your birthday.

Eric: You are, which is on what day?

Nikka: October 24th!

Eric: And where is it?

Freeze: At The Dungeon of Orlando.

Eric: Sorry, cheap plug. If we can’t get what you sound like, what are your influences?

Freeze: My main influences with drumming are Chris Adler, Lars Ulrich, anything old like John Bonnam, and I really like a little bit of Joey Jordison.

Eric: Alright, and what are YOUR influences?

Nikka: CHUCKIE! From Gorillafight! That’s all you need to know. He’s god.

Eric: I’m trying to help Scorned out, and they keep on plugging Gorillafight, but it’s all good. So, we’re at Darkfest today…

Nikka: Year two. Did you go to year one?

Eric: No.

Nikka: You missed year one. Year one went really well, so we’re hoping that year two goes just as well. We got twelve hours to go sooo…let’s do this.

Freeze: We got laminates.

Nikka: We’re moving up.

Eric: Once you have laminates, you’ve made it.

Nikka: This is going to go in my memory box. You think I’m playing? I’ve really got a memory box.

Eric: If I had a memory box it would go in mine.

Nikka: Exactly dude. I’m gonna cherish this forever.

Eric: You guys are gonna start recording soon.

Nikka: Yeah, we go in next Saturday and…Sunday…

Freeze: 15th, 16th, and 17th.

Eric: Screamhouse Records?

Freeze: That is correct.

Nikka: Shane-O-Mac. We’re looking to record about 6 songs for the EP and…we’ll see what happens from there man.

Eric: Do we have a timeline for when that might be out?

Nikka: We’re hoping by the end of the year. We’re just doing what we can.

Eric: This has basically just become a bassist interview. Hey Freeze, do you have anything to say about the EP?

Freeze: I’m stoked.

Eric: Freeze is stoked, which, if Freeze is stoked, and he is sexy according to Kevin from Gorillafight, you should buy it.

((Nikka burps.))

Nikka: Put THAT in the interview. I just had a PBR and it’s only 1 O’Clock.

Eric: What is Scorned’s drink of choice?

Nikka: Well, I just turned 21, so, you know, I’m just enjoying it while I can.

Freeze: Guinness.


Freeze: Jose Cuervo for me and Nikka.

Nikka: Jose Cuervo, Trouble, and bad music-

Freeze: And bulla donuts.

Chamo: They drink together, they play together, and they BEEP together.

Eric: This guy is kinda mad at me because I didn’t include him in the interview. This is Chamo, and he’s the newest guitarist.

Chamo: SECOND guitarist.

Eric: What is Chamo’s drink of choice?

Chamo: I’d have to say beer.

Freeze: Is good.

Chamo: Beer is good. I have to say Cuervo, cuz I rock with this guy.

Nikka: Just for the record, I’ve never drank with Alex(Chamo) before.

Eric: You guys were a band awhile back, and there was a huge line up change, and comparing the old Scorned with what Scorned is today, other than “You got better”, what would you say the key differences are?

Nikka: We’ve evolved together as we’ve added people. They’ve added their own pieces of the puzzle as they’ve come in to make Scorned what it is today.

Freeze: A lot of diverse elements go into the band, other than everyone just likes the same band and plays the same music. Now, there is a lot more diversity in what people listen to.

Eric: How does that translate into your music?

Freeze: Everyone brings their own style into it.

Nikka: I’ll listen to anything bro. Like, I drove up to the Dungeon listening to Mandy Moore, but don’t mention that.

Eric: No, that’s going on.

Nikka: You know what, just say that, I love pop music.

Eric: So, you guys get some play on Native Noise, yeah?

Nikka: Yes we do. I don’t listen to my radio that much, but I checked the website a while back and saw that we’ve been played for, like, three weeks straight.

Eric: Breaking The Walls I believe.

Nikka: Break Down The Walls. That’s their song of choice.

Eric: You find it strange they don’t pick Welcome to the End?

Nikka: Let’s be honest, Break Down The Walls would appear to a broader audience because there’s less screaming in the song, while Welcome to the End is a little more for the hardcore metal heads.

Eric: So, what is the coolest story you have from one of your shows?

Freeze: Circle pit at the Dungeon.

Nikka: I’d never seen a circle pit at the Dungeon.

Eric: What was the show?

Nikka: Soulidium

Freeze: During Demigun.

Eric: I believe I read on your myspace page that someone broke the floor.

Freeze: That was our first show back, after our year long hiatus.

Nikka: Bo from Quarantine broke the floor during Welcome to the End.

Eric: Also, rumor has it you were in a Wendy’s commercial.

Nikka: It’s not official or anything, but the intro to Break Down The Walls was in a Wendy’s pick up commercial, when we were doing that interview with Bobaflex.

Freeze: How did Super Dave put it? “Tonight’s Native Noise is brought to you by Wendey’s Late Night pick up window”, and Break Down The Walls was playing in the background.

Eric: So, are you guys becoming corporate sell out?

Nikka: Yes we are. I just contradicted myself, how do you like that?

Freeze: Who plays instruments anymore, I use a drum machine on stage.

Eric: Really, the whole show is just a recording.

Nikka: Let me put it like this. We perfected what Milly Vanilly tried to do a few years ago. Our CD doesn’t skip.

Freeze: We’re even thinking about covering Girl You Know It’s True.

Nikka: I have 30 copies of our CD in my car right now, just in case. We don’t play, it’s a recording.

Eric: Is it made on a computer?

Nikka: No, someone comes in and plays it for us.

Eric: Is it Gorillafight?

Freeze: Yes.

Nikka: No. I couldn’t fake Chuckie’s bass line.

Eric: Alright, let’s go to final thoughts.

Nikka: Uhhhh…let’s see…come out to our shows. Or I’ll kill you.

Eric: Come out to their shows or Nikka will kill you. And you?

Freeze: What’s the deal with smart cars? It’s like, how smart can they be. Is it like, I’m driving, and it’s all “Meeee, E equals MC squared.”

Nikka: You know what’s a real smart car? Kit from Night Rider.

Eric: Alright, and you’re here, you have any final words.

Chamo: Uhhh…metal up you’re a**!

Eric: Alright, this has been Eric’s Banderview, it was a train wreck, but you had fun, I had fun, this was Scorned and check them out, we’re here at Darkfest, go to the 24th show, and until then, thank you for reading, and goodbye!


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