Road Stories – Afterglow Radio

Afterglow Radio


1)When was Afterglow Radio formed?

I think about 3 years ago.

2) How long did you wait before going on your first tour?

Hmmmm…that’s a good question.  I think we waited a couple years.

3) How many times have you toured so far? 

We went on I think 3 tours mostly throughout the Southeast…and we did get up the East Coast a bit on one of them

4)What was your reasoning behind the tour? Were you promoting a particular album or was it just one of those things that you really wanted to do? 

Even though we do the music thing…our real reason behind the tour is to inspect Walmart parking lots…making sure they are clean and safe for the whole family. Promoting our album “find yourself again,” and just promoting the band in general and getting our name out there.  But yeah…it’s also one of those things that we really want to do.

5) What’s the best part of it?

For me…if my voice is feeling good, and the stage, lights, soundman, my gear (amp, guitars, pedals, etc) I and the rest of the band are tight,..and the crowd’s good…being on stage in a moment like that….there is nothing better.

6)The worst?

Smelling my band-mates farts.

7) Do you just get up and go or do you do the planning, promo and the whole nine yards?

We have a booking agent…we do our own promo.  We actually go 10 yards…9 just isn’t enough anymore.

8) What’s your favorite place to play? Why?

House of Blues – Orlando.  They have great lights…all the wood in that room makes it nice and warm sounding. We bring our own soundman Dave out for these shows…and he simply just kicks booty.  We get to give away free tickets and it’s all ages…so you just can’t beat that.  They give us free food and they have a nice green room.

9) I need a crazy ‘ while on the road’ story.

I was driving the RV…and it’s a long story…but the short of it end with some hick in a truck rubbing side mirrors with me!!! I have never rubbed shoulders with another vehicle going that fast before…especially while driving a 31 foot RV!

The U.K. experience was pretty crazy…I posted a blog on our Myspace about that one.

10) I read what happened in UK. How did that come about and are you planning to go back?

I would say it came about because of a string of bad luck…and getting the wrong Border Agent.  You know…there’s the cop that will just give you a warning then the one that will give you the ticket?  Or the bank person that will waive your $35 fee because you only went 37 cents overdraft…as opposed to the one that won’t…we got the bad cop and the unforgiving bank person.

11) Did you land the UK tour or did you organize it from scratch?

Octave Match hooked us up with some folk’s over there…they put it together.

12) What should you never go on tour without?

Your guitar.

13) What advice do you have for those who want to tour?

Make sure you can stand the smell of the people you are working with farts.  Promote as much as possible.  Be militant in your planning and organization. Get a good navigation system.


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