Road Stories – Idols End

Imagine spending countless hours planning budgets, booking shows and routing your trip, only to find yourself in the middle of nowhere being scammed out of hundreds of dollars to get your dear van back on the road and have the same costly break-down happen just a few miles later. It’s not exactly a dream-come true.

I first heard of Idols End when they graced The Haven stage in March of this year. I am usually not a big punk music fan, but there was something in their raw, passionate sound that gripped my ears and something about their shirtless, beastly singer joining the mosh pit that kept that grip on them until the moment the amps turned off. Recently I overheard their touring horror story and I knew that I had to get their two cents on do’s and don’ts on the road.  I was able to get a few minutes with their guitarist, Brian Danger, who was kind enough to enrich us with the Idols End experience.

1)       How long have you been together?
Idols End was formed in September of 2007, so around 2 years.
2)      Has it been the original line-up from the beginning?
No…The line-up has changed a few times and has been the current line-up for only about a month….hard times. I’ve been in the band since the beginning though.
3)      When did you go on your first tour?
We went on our first tour in January of 2009 just a couple dates up and down the east coast. Fun stuff.
4)      How many times have you toured so far?
 Actually toured, only twice. We’ve played weekend tours but only hit the road for more than a week a couple times…it’s bloody expensive.
5)      From your point of view, what is the most important thing to do when planning a tour?

SAVE MONEY, get your transportation checked out BEFORE you leave.

6)      Do you tour only when there’s a new product to promote or you kind a do that whenever you feel like it?
It really revolves around when everyone in the band has time to do it, but a new CD is definitely a reason to hit the road and try to make some dough.

7)      Do you have a favorite place to play?
Cincinnati, OH so far. What an awesome response we got there. On top of the parties and our bass player’s family, the local kids really took us in after never hearing us before. It was rad.

8)      You guys obviously like each other when at home, do things change when you are stuck together in the van for days?

We try to stay as drunk as we can to help us get along with each other, and we don’t let Tristan (drummer) drive anymore to make sure we don’t want to kill him.(laughs)

       9)      When on tour, what do you do on your days off? Do you just lay low or you go exploring?
We spent most of days off promoting for the show the next day. It is a huge waste of time to tour if no one is going to come out to the show. But we did kick back and relax.

       10)   Do you plan your budgets in advance, or do you go hoping to make enough money to get back?
We try to plan as best we can, but sometimes things sneak up on you that you have no control over. Next time we hit the road we’re bring a lot of extra money with us for unforeseen occasions.

       11) We’ve heard about your bad luck last time. Do you have any good-day stories?
Maybe not a good luck story, but here’s a funny one. Matt (bass player) has a friend in Cincinnati named Dominic that is really crazy and funny as hell.
So, after the show Matt asks Dominic if he can watch the trailer for a minute while we start unloading in the back alley of the venue. Dominic walks out to the open door of the trailer and stands there yelling at passers-by like a madman, repeatedly screaming “YOU AIN’T GETTING THIS!!!! YOU AIN’T GETTING THIS GEAR”.I think it alarmed everyone on the street and definitely lifted our spirits. Funny as hell.
12)   How do you make the driving arrangements?
Almost without fail I drive. I’m an insomniac and I’m the only one with experience driving a trailer. It kind of sucks sometimes, but I’m used to it.
13)   How long do you make your tours usually?
We have done 2 weeks in the past but the next one will be a month, hopefully without any big problems…

14)   What do you like best about touring?
Being the hell out of Florida.

   The least?
Having to blow all your money on stupid rednecks that just want to rip you off. Hate it.
16)   Do you have a booking agent or do you do this all on your own?
DIY gentlemen, in true punk rock fashion. Man o man is it the hard way too…
17)   What are your plans for 2010?
Put out a Full length record with a new singer (Auditioning now!) and tour up the Mid-West.
18)   Any word of advice for those who are setting off on their first tour?
Don’t expect anything to go right. The surprise of it will carry you through the next day. Don’t expect to make any money. Do expect to have a great time playing music with your friends.


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