Road Stories – Rabbits With Glasses

A Rabbits With Glasses show was the first show I saw when I moved to Orlando. I ended up at the A.K.A Lounge that night by some sort of accident and discovered that there’s no better way to find out about a good band than by watching the show. They’re not media-whores and they haven’t yet done an official tour, but being remaining in strong standing after 6 years goes to show that one doesn’t necessarily have to go on tour to be successful. What they do is what I like to call “spider tours.” Those are planned 1 or 2 night sporadic trips outside of your home town. Sometimes it’s just a few hours away and sometimes it’s a few-states-up kind of thing. No matter whichever case it is, these ventures are a smart decision for bands that can sustain themselves, but still not enough to allow them to have a part-time day job (or no day job). Sometimes the budget just doesn’t allow for a longer trip, but why not take advantage of the funds that you do have and invest in spreading the fan base- one city at a time. Jason Diana shares the Rabbits’ secrets.

1) When was the band formed?
Rabbits With Glasses was formed in the spring of 2004

2) How long did you wait before you started playing outside of your local area?
We tried to play all over Fl. right from the start. You shouldn’t play in town more than once a month.

3) How often do you play non-local cities?
We usually play about 3 out of town shows a month.

4) Do you have a particular “attack” plan when you play a different city/state?
We try to find the local music mags and ask if they can help promote the show.
RWG tries to reach out to the people in that area and create rapport with those people.
Send flyers, posters, and 3 song demo CD’s to the venue.  We also use social media to try to get the word out.

5) Do you have your own van or do you make different arrangements for each trip?
We would like to get a van. Each trip is different, we’ll car pool or if it’s not too far we’ll all drive.   A couple of weeks ago we rented a van to head up to Georgia which was a bunch of fun.  We played in our singer’s (Jamie) home town.

6) When it comes to playing shows in a new city, what kind of preparation do you do to make sure people show up to see you?  *pretty much #4’s answer
We try to find the local music mags and ask if they can help promote the show. We send flyers, posters, and 3 song demo CDs to the venue.  We also use social media to try to get the word out.

7) How do you pick the places you play?
We have a lot of friends in bands and they recommend venues.  Or we’ll research a place and if it looks cool then we’ll play it.

8) What kind of sleeping arrangements do you have while on the road?
We usually try to get a hotel room but, air mattresses, floors, and spare bed rooms all work.

9) Do you have any crazy stories from the road?
Our new guitarist’s new $800 head shorting on him at his first show in Georgia. That was awesome! Being told we are using a love seat to hold the instruments in place in the van. When Premo would hit the brakes I was hoping no one would get impaled… ha-ha!

10) What’s the best part about being on the road?
The whole experience! Waking up somewhere new, accolades from people who have never heard your music before.  Meeting new people and making new friends.

11) What are your 2010 plans?
Trying to make RWG a household name here in Florida. Looking for a management team to help us out. We just added Dave Lee (on guitar & backing vocals) to the lineup and we are really looking forward to writing some new tunes with him. We are planning on doing another video for “Order 66” from the Switching Off The Trees EP. RWG are talking about a 2 week East Coast tour.  Start the recording process for the next album.

12) What do you like better: playing shows at home or away?
Wow, that’s a tough one. Can we say both….?  We really enjoy playing.

13) Any advice for the bands wanting to expand their fan base outside of their local area?
I would say promote, promote, & promote….. Trade out shows with other bands.


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