Scene and Heard – 5 Billion Dead

5 Billion Dead Returns

After nearly a 4 year absence Central Florida Metal Monsters 5 BILLION DEAD returned to the metal trail strenghted with a new frontman Chuck Boyer (formally of Carnevel and Enigmatic.) Along with the help of bands like Katharik, Great Awakening and Flesh Harvest a benefit show at The Haven in Winter Park, was held to raise money for long time supporter and friend known as Twisted Tanya, who just had a successful double lung transplant and suffers from Cystic Fibrosis.  We were able to catch up with the guys before their set to ask a few questions about the reuniting, and this is what they had to say.

OB: Alex, Chris and Matt, how does it feel to finally be back with a full line up after so long with Chuck as a new Front man?

Alex: Feels right it feels good

Chris: Feels Right

Matt: It feels right.

Alex: It’s been so long, we’ve waited for the right guy with the right vibe that was needed, and it’s been years, we wanted it to be right.

OB: Chuck, 5 Billion dead has been around for years….How does it feel for you to be a part of it’s history and what can fans expect from you as the new front man?

Chuck: Well, I’ve known these guys for several years off and on. It feels good, it feels right and it just clicks. As far as fans go and what they can expect from me is nothing less than what I have given them in the past. I keep it metal and I don’t pussy foot around the stage.

OB: Some of us already know that 5BD has some recorded material, when can fans expect a new full length CD?

Alex: When it’s…We are working on it right now, We started writing way before Chuck was in the band and now that Chuck is in the band, we had to re-think a few things, make everything fit, and make the vocals ready, once we do that, we will definitely have enough for the CD.

Matt: Our immediate goal was to really get back into a recording situation. Some of these tracks we have been working on for a long time. As people know, we never  really broke up, we just kept writing songs, recording and looking for someone  that would fit us intensity wise.  Which brings me back to the first question, it’s  funny how history repeats it’s self, Chuck actually auditioned for us  before Carnevel and it just wasn’t the right time at that point. When we decided to put together this show we were going to play as a three piece if we had to. That’s when Enigmatic parted ways which gave us an opportunity to ask him to come try out.  I think what he needed was real stage time and he got that with Carnevel and Enigmatic. We got to see him perform and really evolve as a front man.

Chuck: Before Carnevel, I was never in a band before and it gave me footing for these guys. That’s not why I was in those other bands, but, I guess that’s what 5BD needed to see from me because the first time I went out, it didn’t work and it didn’t click.

Matt:  We did have a couple other singers along the way. Ones that we worked with, recorded with, wrote songs with and for some reason or another, they either flaked out or it just wasn’t working out. You know, the whole vibe just wasn’t there. So, we knew when Chuck came in and auditioned again, it was kinda like a clique, it was a vibe thing and it certainly was.

Chuck: I believe Alex’s words were “….yeah, that’s good, but can you turn it down a bit?”

OB: Any plans on new T-shirts, hats, or a new logo?

Matt: Nothing yet.

Chuck: Well, we’re focusing on music right now more than anything. We’re doing this show for Tanya and that’s the only reason we are playing. We won’t be playing for awhile.

Matt: Yeah, we’ll see what happens. We’ve tossed around a lot of ideas and there’s been a lot of planning going on behind the scenes. Being a band that has played around the state and Southeast, we kinda figured out what we did wrong along the way, and, now we can focus and do things right this time so we can potentially go beyond the local level. 5BD existed before and we took it as far as we could as a local band. Now we’re back at a starting point again, and we have a lot better ideas on how to get our music heard nationally.

OB: When the CD does come out, how can fans get a  hold of it?

Alex: We will definitely do a show. When we finish, we’ll do a CD release party, that is definitely one way to get it out there.  Website, myspace, online and because we have a lot of fans, not just in state, but out of state too. We’ll push a lot of it online.

Matt: I’m sure fans will be able to download it from some Russian website

OB: So, no real plans for a tour in the future?

Alex: Yeah, we just want to get things ready and recorded and take the steps that we need  to focus on the music

OB: The benefit for Tanya was an awesome way to jump back into the scene for an awesome cause….and we know she couldn’t make it tonight…anything you’d like to say to her or want readers to know?

Matt: Well, Tanya is a girl who you could usually find at a 5 Billion Dead show as well as other local bands. She was a big supporter of the local scene before she got sick. That’s really the driving force behind this. Once in a while, someone gets sick and they need a little help. We felt compelled to try and help out our friend who would come to see us when we played out of town, let alone in town so, she is a big supporter of our band. This is a way of giving back to her.  The only reward we need is her excitement.  I talked to her on the phone and she was so upset that she couldn’t be here, but she was very happy that we’re playing, so we’re video taping the show and we’re sending her DVD’s of the entire concert as well as the one earlier.  This way she can actually see what went on.  Her and her awesome boyfriend Shawn who is in a band from Tampa and is  a great, humble, and gracious guy are very grateful. So, we’re very happy to try and help out.  People who need our support, we will always try and do stuff like this for them. We know plenty of people who are in need right now and it’s just a good thing to give back a little bit to one of our biggest fans.

OB:  So, where can people donate, sponsors websites?

Matt: Well, I think the best place to go is and on the front page are all the links on how you can help her by your everyday online purchases.  When you purchase through portals of online chain stores like Best Buy and other retail outlets, they donate a portion of your purchase to help her and her transplant fund.

So, with perseverance and dedication, 5 Billion Dead is returning with plans to take the music scene by storm.  To find out more catch them at

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