Scene and Heard – Hometown Heroes







The show at Club Firestone started pretty earlier, so there wasn’t much of a crowd when the first band went on stage.  That’s not to say it didn’t stop this recognizable local group 7 Blue Skies from showing off their influential sound to those that did start piling in…

With memorable hooks and sing able melodies this band gives the audience a memorable performance.  Their songs utilize driving and technical guitar work, dominating drums, and crisp, melodic vocals.  The members of 7 BLUE SKIES bring a hard working energy and attitude to every aspect of their music. Follow what they are up to and what they are about at

The next band to take the stage was a local up and coming group of guys known as Black in the Mind.  The crowd began to become thicker with an interest of what these guys had to offer.  I was impressed with the range, control and strength that Michael Folds had with his vocals and guitar as he gave an intensifying stage prescence.  Ryan Sylvester played with infectious electricity and enthusiastic authority he seemed to make the music a part of him.  Rhythm guitar Chuck Knickerbocker and drummer Brandon Crowley not only make up the rhythm section they also integrate a very tight execution of each song with precision and authority.  This group is a solid band on their way up in the local music scene, you can catch them at the Mayday Orlando Show on May 23rd.  For more schedule dates look them up at

The crowd was warmed up and ready for the next band to take the stage, The official band of the XFC, Xtreme Fighting Championships, Fall of Envy brings real rock with incredible ranging vocals and guitar riffs, bass lines, and thundering drums. Their music takes their audience through a range of emotions from heavy melancholy, to pure rage and aggression. Composed of Brix Milner lead vocals, Greg Harrington guitar/vocals, Tommy Harrington guitar, Brent Venderley bass, and Brandt Frenchman drums.  Fall Of Envy engages the crowd with authority and command while taking control of the stage and delivering an electrifying performance. To find out more information on this group go to

The next band to take the stage was none other than (un)Said, an all-original alternative metal band, also known as Central Florida’s Best Band.  Their music is aggressive and driving, with meaty drums, solid bass lines, well placed guitar solos and vocals.  Their music impressed me in versatility and talent.  They have the presence and energy during their performance that does well to engage the crowd. I was impressed with the range, control and strength of vocalist Jeremy Hyson. Guitarist Danny Lee and Josh Gorsch played with infectious electricity keeping it together with bass Nick Cirullo and drummer Don Cadman.  (un)Said has the talent and charisma needed to take them to new heights.  Check out their website for more information on venues and what is next for this local band at

With a warmed up crowd the final band to take the stage. Bobaflex took the stage with ownership and authority.  The way the music is delivered is extremely intense. There is power and aggression mixed with melody and it’s not all new generation Metal but something unique.  It is not enough to just listen to their CD, their live performance is what they are all about.  Each member seems to bring an element that defines the band. What I found unique about the band is the two front men, brothers Shaun and Marty McCoy, trade guitar and lead vocals, depending on the song. Mike Steele, guitarist, Jerod Mankin bassist, and Tommy Johnson drums offer up power grooves, metal chunks, harmonious riffs and enthusiastic explosion of percussion to create a diverse and unique sound. These five members are more than radio ready, with their tri-state popularity, West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky, they are well on their way to their own headliner, and when that happens make sure you check them out.

For a full interview with Bobaflex’s Members Marty and Shaun McCoy make sure you check out or pick up a copy of July’s issue.

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