Scene and Heard – Rock for the Troops

Photos By LizM Photography

Rock for the Troops at Club Firestone on Orange Ave, was a show of shows.  Great bands good times and enormous support.  The turn out of people was outlandish for an early performance and I was fortunate to be among this awesome crowd.

While the first band was not expected to play, it sure was a surprise for fans to see Iron Cross take the stage once again, full of enthusiasm and charisma. Their amazing sound was provoked by a solid rhythm section, with bassist Dan Bippes, and Tony Blair on drums paving the way for Mike Skelton and Ken Barber’s (13 Below) incredible guitar riffs and high end vocals.  Iron Cross powered through song after song as the crowd roared with approval. Make sure you check out their sight at

 Great Awakening offers up old school style thrash guitar rhythms, gripping leads and roaring bass. Composed of Ryan/guitar and vocals, Brandon/Bass guitar, Vinnie /lead guitar and Nick/drums, these young guys take control and deliver an electrifying presentation. Great Awakening music is fast and aggressive and full of intensity. They have a stage presence that engages the crowd, as their music is raw and powerful.  I can see this band reaching new heights in the music scene.  Don’t miss one of their shows go to

 The next band to take the stage is the ever- popular King Diamond tribute band known as “Them”.  As they took the stage, they made sure to show their support to the men and woman of our armed forces giving all of them special thanks. King MattDaddy/vocals Uncle Dirrty Craig/Lead Guitar Thor Malleuson/ Lead Guitar Karen La Rockin Fry/bass and Chrissy Dee Brown/drums make up the compelling strength of this metal band as they unleash the core soul of their hero King Diamond.  This group of talented musicians mesmerizes the crowd with a powerful and haunting performance.  “Them” offers a must see live performance, to catch their next show go to

 By the time 13 Below took the stage the crowd were approximately 250 people in attendance and the crowd was anxiously awaiting their presence.  As they took the stage they thanked all for coming out to support our troops.  Kalleen singer, connected with the crowd right away with her high energy and enthusiasm, not to mention her mini’s she sports so well.  She emotionally spouted each song with intensity while KB guitarist played each string of his gear with flawless and tight precision.  The crowd continued to pile closer to the stage as BIP pounded his bass keeping up the pace of the rhythm.  Scott gave an ideal performance on drums quickly striking each stick with raw force.  Ending their set with an emotional “Hell is for Children” 13 below leaving the audience wanting more.  Check out their live shows by going to

 Just when you think the line up couldn’t get any better; the next band to take the stage was the talented group of Dharmata. This West Palm Beach band owned the stage as if they were home.  Jay Slim/Singer Greg Diamond Phillips/Guitar (not to be confused with Lou Diamond Phillips) Chris Turbo/Guitar Kevin Sanchez/Bass and JC Rommel/Drums offer up an energy onstage that is an overwhelming intensity, hooking the crowd and keeping them engaged in their performance. The chemistry portrayed by these guys onstage is an undeniable fun loving freedom that is illustrated in their music.  I was able to catch up with Jay Slim and Greg after their set to get the scoop on when their next CD will be out Greg mentioned, “we are in the studio now with Tori Bon Jovi (Jon Bon Jovi’s Cousin) and it should be out after our three month tour with Skindred, which should be about January of next year”  I also found out the craziest thing that has happened to them while on tour.  Jay said ” There was this chic that was crazy in love with our drummer JC, and she asked us to give her a t-shirt all night, she kept saying all she wanted was a t-shirt.  As we loaded the bus after the show, and the bus started to take off, this crazy chic grabbed hold to the side of the bus as it drove down the road. Needless to say she never got her shirt.”  Thanks for the brief interview guys, great stuff.  Don’t forget to check out Dharmata at

 If you haven’t yet come to a Rock for the Troops show, well then you are missing out.  These shows give a

sense of unity and adoration.  We are all coming together for a great cause, to help support the men and women that protect our very freedoms, and to assist the family’s that have to be without their loved ones.  Check out the next Rock for the Troops and show your support, go to for more information.

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