Hadley’s Hope

EP Review
By Ranelle Golden

The minute the music began to play it had my full attention. This is Hadley’s Hope.  A band set to explore the universe with its beautiful music. There are only 5 songs on this EP but each and everyone have well thought-out arrangements with a unique blend of styles. The band Hadley’s Hope defines itself as alternative rock but there are clear hints of other influences in the music, such as a touch of metal and pop. The songs with vocals are excellent with interesting harmonies. There is one instrumental on this EP that is beautifully done showing off the musicianship of the band.  This band is actively performing around the Central Florida area, and I for one am eager to catch a show.  Find out more about them by visiting www.reverbnation.com/hadleyshope or visiting them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hadleys-Hope/203322975154.

or email: dblwidecolonel@gmail.com for more information.


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