Anyones Guess

Anyone’s Guess – Cost of Silence
Review by Xander Rich

If the name wasn’t any indication of what kind of sound to expect from the band, it was apparent by the first 30 seconds of “Cost of Silence” – the newest album by Anyone’s Guess – that I had yet again placed the idea incorrectly in my head as to what kind of music I was about to hear. The cd is 5 tracks: Living Room Floor, War, Finality, Sin, and Red Eyes. Female lead singer Sanja instantly makes her presence felt with passionate and thought-out interpretations of what sound to be very personal lyrics, and her voice makes you curious as to what she’ll say next.

There really isn’t a mainstream feel to anything on this album, so if you’re looking for infectious hooks or poppy fills, you won’t get much of that here. This album has an atmosphere, though. It sets a non-traditional mood and showcases different guitar sounds, and in a time when music seems to have a relatively low shelf life because many bands sound alike, every element of this effort is just far enough removed to set it aside from the rest.

My only criticism is some inconsistencies in some of the mastering levels on the first couple of tracks that don’t make this band sound as good as I feel like they sound later in the album. That’s not a knock on the band – I feel like there’s a bright future for these guys. It’s hard to find a voice like Sanja’s. You can’t teach someone to sing like they mean what they’re singing about, and she does that very well. I think that musically, the band has a strong foothold on a style that they can make their own, and Cost of Silence is a pure representation of that. As for the genre? Well… it’s anyone’s guess. Literally.

Yes, I did go there.


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