Eros: “Attack and Recoil”
Review by Xander Rich

When I received “Attack and Recoil” by Eros, I took one look at the cover of a perfect pipeline wave and expected a Sublime-ish surf rock sound to float into my headphones.
Tip #1 – don’t do that.  Eros is a DJ. Blew that one.
Now, I’m not really a big fan of anything that could be played at a club. It’s just not music that I enjoy too much. I used to be big into Oakenfold and Chemical Brothers back in the late 90’s, but I’ve since moved on to another sound light years away from it.

“Attack and Recoil” made me want to revisit it, though, and mainly because of just how darn good it’s produced.  A remix of “Hail” by singer/songwriter Jillian Speer kept my interest from beginning to end. Even without hearing the original song, I found myself more interested in the content of the song rather than whether or not it was better off as a spoken-word favorite. The drifting in between the two genres and back out again could’ve been disastrous, but just wasn’t.

The album features mixes of many notables, including space-rock giants Coldplay, Del the Funkee Homosapien(The Gorillaz), Tiesto and more. I was surprised to hear some of the artists that were worlds away from each other genre-wise and how they were almost surgically carved into an assault of breakbeat/trance/acid mixes, and done so tastefully.

I’m not sure how long Eros has been around, but if he keeps putting out albums like this one, I doubt they’ll be a shortage of people that listen. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s in the same company as Van Dyk or Oakenfold, but it’s not too far. “Attack and Recoil” is one I’d spin at a party without a second thought.


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