JeWop – All In One
By Xander Rich

Frontman Adam Safer plays the bass and has vox duties and Steve Caglianone is mashing the sticks in this two-man, 80’s metal/blues/funk fusion band, JeWop. Don’t know where the name came about(although I have my own ideas), but “All In One” is a massive, 27-song effort that journeys through four different albums and picks the most noticeable for you to listen to.

Most of these songs take you on a very bare-bones ride. Not surprising from a band with no lead guitar, but Safer uses effects pedals in moderation and keeps the music interesting enough to create the illusion of a thicker sound. “Stab Operate” is my favorite track by far, reminiscent of Clutch, Nine Inch Nails and Serj from System of a Down, it just flat-out rocks from verse to chorus. Other notable tracks include “Railroad Track Moses”, “Countdown to Evil” and “Go to your Room”, which makes me laugh every time.

Adam definitely has conviction in his voice and belts out what he sings with intensity that may not be largely popular to the masses, but there’s definitely an audience for this combination. The only thing that causes me to lose interest is the missing sound, which I know this duo could produce with the right musicians. I’d be very curious to see what these guys could do with a full band, but “All In One” is at least worth a listen and will likely find some of its tracks on your iPod.


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