SNAFU – Outside the Collective Hive
Do you ever get the feeling like you want drive your biggest gas guzzler to the Antarctic and club baby seals until your arms get tired ? That’s the way I was feeling the other night,just tired of the planet in general and everyone in it . This is all leading to the album review I promise . It just so happens that was my mood on the same day the new Snafu album came across my desk for review . I thought the best thing to do was to listen to the CD on the way home … maybe take my mind off of the bad day I just had .

  Well the name of the new album is Outside The Collective Hive . To say this offering is an indie recording would be an understatement . According to the band the album was recorded in true underground fashion , free from the confines of Major label influence . Recorded in a storage shed turned studio is nothing new , Buddy Holly and many others had major success without the luxurious recording studio goodies . SNAFU however has taken this practice to a whole new level .

  The first thing you notice is the quality of the sounds , hats off to Theo Schmidt who produced this little gem . Every song is very rich and you will also notice the great balance of instruments . Schmidt did not follow the new industry standard of the “LOUDNESS” theory . He allows the music to breathe and be dynamic which is a must for bands like SNAFU . Never is this more apparent than on track 6 , Evil in Me . An absolutely haunting tune that feels much like a mix of the Doors and Santana .

 This album is not 1 long song . There is a nice mix of styles from Indie rock , ska , blues and even early punk styles like The Untouchables or the Buzzcocks . This is the nice result of the indie mentality , taking time to make a great album and not just adding filler songs because you are out of time or money . This definitely comes through on every song .

  Well by the time I got home , I was about 7 songs into the cd and had forgotten why I was mad at the world . I know that tomorrow I will remember and start the anger all over again but at least for tonight ….. life is good again and my faith is restored .

Review By :

Bryan Burch


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