Thomas Wynn and the Believers



Thomas Wynn and the Believers review

“The Reason”

Thomas Wynn’s lead vocals along with Olivia Wynn and Justin Bekler’s background vocals flow smoothly with an extremely talented band that produces music that you can’t help moving to while you listen to their album, “The Reason.” Thomas Wynn and the Believers have a unique blend of country, rock, and many other genres that remind me of a combination of Better Than Ezra and Matchbox 20 mixed with a country twang. They don’t sound like replications of those bands by any means and their songs are all very distinctively different than those bands.


Each track was written extremely well and the track order was definitely constructed in just the right way from beginning to end. I really enjoyed listening to their CD all the way through many times and will continue to do so. I highly recommend that all music lovers pick up this album and experience the journey from beginning to end with Thomas Wynn and the Believers.

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Jon Snow
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