All sides of April Montallana


Getting the music genes from her father and the push to pursue them from her mother, April Montallana started her first piano lessons at the age of 5. Since then she has also mastered her guitar and cello skills, gotten her B.A. degree in music and learned how to play erhu (a two-stringed Chinese instrument). She said she has different personalities that, well, allow her to be…musically free. She fits into a jazz project just as well as a metal one, and her musical tastes are so wide that anything she chooses to be a part of is worth hearing. She’s been a part of hip-hop projects, a few high school band-flings and soon we’ll be able to see her as a part of Ogress – her eccentric collaboration with Ms. Meka Nism and Karen Fry (our fellow female musicians). Her best known projects to date are the gothic/metal band Fields of Glass (don’t miss their show on October 8, 2011 @ The Firestone Club) and, what I like to describe it as “the reverse White Stripes with feelings” duo, Auditory ARMory. Auditory ARMory has a debut CD “Anomaly” coming out soon (date TBA) and I suggest you get yourself a copy. The last time I saw her, she cut my chakras in half and reassembled them ( I don’t remember how it all went down, but I survived). The time before that she made all the chatter disappear from The Haven Lounge when she took the stage, and the time before, even though I had just met her, I had a feeling that I would be writing about her soon. For those who know me, I’m not easily impressed, so read on and find out what makes this girl so memorable:

SJ: I know you’re involved in quite a few things. How do you balance everything in your life?
AM: Willpower and dedication! Sometimes I get very tired but I just push through it. I think, “if I really want to make this happen, I just have to do this. I’ll rest later when I’m 60…”[laughs].

SJ: If you were not allowed to ever create music again, what path would you pursue?
Well, that would be horrible! But if I could never create music, I would pursue the path of writer or martial artist.

SJ: What do you believe are your three biggest weaknesses?
Temper, the inability to sit still, being afraid of falling.

SJ: Tell me one word that comes to your mind right now.

SJ: Why that word?
I guess this is just something I feel that is important to keep in mind. To transcend our daily schedules, our material things, the things that people think of us…to be one with our desires and passions…to not be tethered to our “obligations,”…only then can we really feel bliss and peace.

SJ: If you were a dog, what kind of dog would you be?
A badass English shepherd, like our dog now. Loyal and smart. I wouldn’t want to be some toy dog that wears a tiara.

SJ: What’s the best place on Earth?
According to advertisements, the Snapple factory. But seriously, I haven’t traveled all over the world yet, so I think I have yet to form this opinion. The best place for me right now is my wushu school, O-Mei Wushu, in Winter Springs. I am so focused on the forms and the movements – the art — that I’m practicing, that all of the stress and burdens of the world leave my mind for the one hour I am in wushu class.

SJ: If you had to give up one part of your 24-hour daily cycle, which one would it be: the morning, the afternoon, the evening, or the night? Why?
Give up a part? There’s so much to do…I think if anything, I need more time…

SJ: Do you ever wish you could go back in time?
Yes, I wish I could see how a lot of countries looked before they were modernized. I would like to experience a week back in time without all the modern conveniences that we have now. It would make me appreciate the things I have today more. Sometimes I wish that I had learned things that I know now earlier in my life, but there must be a reason why I’ve learned them at the time that I have learned them…

SJ: Do you stay friends with your exes?
Hmm…this is a weird question! I would have to say yes, but not close friends.

SJ: What’s your favorite hangout place?
Anyone who knows me knows I hang out at The Den! Odin’s Den in Winter Park. I love the atmosphere there and the bartenders are awesome. It’s like family in there.

SJ: Finish this sentence. “The three things that lead to success are:
Passion, Determination and Connections.

April’s next show is @ The Peacock Room, on Friday, September 23rd, 2011 at 10:00 PM.


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Singer and guitarist for the band Anyone's Guess.
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