When One Door Closes & How to Succeed By Really Really Trying

Hello All! In addition to being an Entertainment Attorney and writing for this fine outfit I have had the fun and privilege of hosting the Syndicated Radio Program and PodCast, QsHouse for the last 6+ years.  The access to the music scene took me from funny man to expert and gave me a second career.  When I began, NO ONE even knew what a podcast was and nobody saw the value in interviewing unknown bands. Thankfully that changed and fans have their pick of Internet radio and podcasts concerning independent music and musicians have resources to learn and connect.  Which means it’s time for me to embark on a new project and adventure.  This letter I wrote to my friends and the Residents (listeners) of Q’s House:

Dear Friends and Residents,

Tuesday November 29th will mark Q’s House Radio‘s 317th show.  It will also be its final show. QsHouse has been one of the most unique radio-type programs out there concerning the independent music business and its audience has grown steady over the years with weekly combined live and podcast, listeners are still in the thousands. Having a background in terrestrial radio, I got involved in Internet Radio in hopes of being a funny sidekick or announcer. Now I have a small staff and write business plans!  QsHouse allowed me to be an A&R Scout, tour manager, booking agent, and now, an entertainment attorney in my own firm, Q Entertainment Law.

I will continue to be the yummy coating on the bitter pill that is the music business by providing all those ‘Penthouse’ topics in a new blog which will be a mix of the written word, video, and the living room conversations with artists and industry members you’ve come to love.  Don’t think for a second I am becoming a stuffy lawyer. The party isn’t over, just going back behind closed doors.  The QsHouse format was based partly on what was happening in my home organically. People came, drank, laughed, talked, and played music.  I just turned on the mics and let the world glimpse what fun life could be when you work hard and pursue a dream. OK, I won’t take all the credit… the laid back feel and atmosphere are similar to the late 60’s TV program by one of my former employers: Hugh Hefner’s Playboy After Dark. Having all guests appear at once, together for the entire show came from British talk show host, Graham Norton.  The anger, wit, and sarcasm was all me.

I thank those who have known this was coming for the threats of bodily injury (and the one time I was assaulted at the Hard Rock because the man was upset about the show ending).  It shows how much you care and that means the world to me.  Please continue to send me hate mail Q @ Q Entertainment Law dot com.  That aside, the most I have to show for this is the best collection of Friends and Residents a man could ask for.  Talented, Loving, Loyal, Inspiring – all of them.

All the advice I have given through this program can be summed up in five steps to success. Each was a rough theme carried over episode arcs and 8 seasons. I leave it for you below.

Thank you for letting me do this all these years.  Download the podcasts now.  They will be up as they are now thru New Year’s but won’t be around forever. Enjoy the last few shows – over 300 other episodes went into making them the best they could be.

With Gratitude & Respect,


How to Succeed By Really Really Trying

#1 Don’t wait for the right time. Just go out and start doing something.
If it doesn’t work, change it, adapt, or try something new.
Don’t let a dream wither and die without giving it a chance.

#2 Once you do something, take pride in what you do and how you do it.
Strive to do whatever it is, well.

#3 Don’t get complacent with a job well done. There is a fine line between extreme hobby and being a professional.  Whatever your thing is –
Be a professional in conduct and attitude.

#4 Never stop learning. Research, ask questions, make mistakes and learn from them. See others falter and take their warning.  There are a lot of professionals.
Strive to be at the top of your own personal game.

#5 Once you’re at the top of your game, do something meaningful with your knowledge and empowerment. Be more bold and less afraid.
Help lift up those around you.
Look back at how far you’ve come use that inspiration to
Do things you never imagined possible when you first began.


About Quinton J Sheer Esq.

Providing legal solutions and strategies for Entertainers and Athletes. I am not just a lawyer. I am an educator seeking to teach, to protect, and hopefully, to inspire those around me to follow their own dreams.
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