Local Pro Expo 2012


OrlandoBands.com hosts Local Pro Expo 2012
Vendor/Sponsor sign up page
No knives, weapons, or noisemakers of any kind are to be sold at the event.

Event: OrlandoBands.com hosts “Local Pro Expo, 2012” March 10,2012
The event is to be held at Pro Video Solution and will feature a new television production facility, along with local industry production companies and technology demos. Live performances will be held throughout the event. Live special guest appearances from the cast of Hit Women.

6:00 PM – Show Starts @ 7:00 PM (Subject to change)

Pro Video Solutions
7703 Kingspointe Parkway
Suite 300
Orlando FL. 32819

Live Stream: This event will be recorded and live video streamed online, found at multiple locations including OrlandoBands.com, Facebook pages and more.

Indoor/Outdoor: All vendor spaces will be located indoors.

Please select from the following options:
Booth Includes: (Limited Spaces available) 6’x5′ area, two event passes, access to electrical service

Free video Interview Includes: (Event Passes Sold Separately) We will interview you in the new television studio and talk to you about your project/business. This content will be available for you to use on Youtube, websites, etc in 2-4 weeks. We will also promote it through the OrlandoBands.com media outlets.

Banner Placement: (Limited Spaces available) If you would like to hang a banner outside of the booth area, or do not plan to reserve a booth space.

Video Commercial/Still: Your video or a still frame image with your logo, contact info and description of your service will appear throughout the venue on projection screens/plasma screens and on the LED video wall. It will also appear online, during the live video/audio stream. *We can produce the still image for an additional $25.

Video Commercial Production: (Limited amount) Let our in house team produce a voiced over commercial ranging from 30-45 seconds in length. View an example here (opens in new window):

You will be contacted for billing options. Your signature/submission of this information certifies as to the category of your product. In participating in this event, I agree to abide by all rules and regulations of this event. I further agree to release OrlandoBands.com and Pro Video Solutions of any and all responsibility from loss, damage or injury to any person or property from my participation in this event. If participant is a minor, parent or legal guardian must sign/submit.

Setup Details
Vendors will be permitted to set up between 2:00PM and 6:00  PM day of show. You will be responsible for cleaning the area around your booth before leaving, and you must stay open for business until 1:30 AM March 11, 2012 (End of Event). Vendors will be required to submit the agreement below before or upon check-in.

Booth Details
An area of 6 feet wide by 5 feet deep will be assigned to you. All vendor areas are first come first serve. If you need power/water please mark the appropriate field below. We will try our best to accommodate you. If power is necessary, please bring a minimum of 25 feet in electric extension cables (3 wire 12 gauge is preferable).

Please provide your own tables and chairs. We will try our best to have extra at the venue, however there is no guarantee. Tables are not to exceed 6 feet in length.

Banner Placement
Banners will be allowed in your designated area. Banners must not exceed 6 feet in width. If you choose to hang a banner, and do not require a booth, please arrive early so that we may assist you. Placement area is first come first serve. (Stage/wall/etc.)

You may also email any questions to: BenGardner@OrlandoBands.com
Or call: 321-202-0011


About orlandobands

OrlandoBands.com was founded on the idea of positive change for the music and media industry. The way Entertainment is established is changing rapidly. Artist now have more power to expose themselves in new and effective ways. Our mission is to help find positive, simple and effective solutions to help artists gain attention. Through our free services on OrlandoBands.com and our ever growing marketing campaigns we have been able to establish actions that work. If you are located in the Florida area and would like to take advantage we encourage you to register with us today. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.
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