Album Review: Resurrect by Eleven:11



(self release)

 Eleven:11 is the brain child of the one and only Shyam Raj. Originally from Singapore, he’s traded working on jingles for writing epic anthem power ballads. Resurrect was recorded and mixed locally at the Music Lab by Phil Basile and Andrew Hautzenroeder. It hosts a whole slew of guest appearances on the album by central florida area musicians including John Valeri, Ricardo Rodriguez, Jacob Billups, and Bob Zacconi. Mastering on the album was done by Dave Donnaly, from DNA Mastering, who’s worked on films and albums from bands like Kiss and Journey. At times it shows some influence from bands like Creed or Soundgarden and other 90’s era rock bands. Drawing on Raj’s expansive musical knowledge the songs are punctuated by ambient noise and spontaneously composed interludes. The project itself represents something very deep to Shyam and he worked hard to keep it an entirely independently financed endeavor. The songs are inspired by everything from change to numerology to his personal experiences. Moving to Orange City and meeting drummer Fred Wendlend for example. Raj also set a rule for the production, all recordings were done straight through. No creative editing. No Triggers. No auto tune. All of the recordings are live performances. The tracks are pleasantly illuminated with a lush instrumentation consisting of cellos, oboes, saxophones, violins, and a full choir. Shyam says his ultimate goal with the project is to “reach out, to inspire and comfort people who feel that it is important to stay positive about life and that things can change for the better.” He says he didn’t make this for any kind of commercial success but purely as an independent artistic statement.

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