‘Tiger Eyes’ Interview

1.Now first I must ask what relation does Tiger Eyes have to the band Lilly and the Tigers?
“When we first started we went by that but we’ve been through so many changes we decided to update our name.”

2.Could all of you introduce yourselves?
We are:
Chrissy Chase- Vocals/ bombshell
Mead Hall – Drums/hair fever
Pi Phi – Guitar/math major
Diego – Bass/translator

3. Who are the artist you draw the most inspiration from?

“We’re a very diverse group and draw from many different groups. Some include: Madonna, Goldfrapp, No Doubt, Berlin, La Roux, Incubus, Depeche Mode, and even Katy Perry.”

4. Style Wise, how would you describe “Tiger Eyes”?
“Electro Pop Rock with dance influences.”

5.If you could chose one venue in Florida to perform in where would it be?
“The House of Blues with Britt Daley and Dollface which are two local bands we are friends with.”

6.If you could tour with any band past or present who would it be?
“La Roux or Little Dragon would be a dream.”

7.What is your overall goal for the band, what kind of impression would you like to leave?

“The over all goal is to be the biggest band in the world. We want to sell out Wembley and play the first show on the moon. We would like to motivate young and old to follow their dreams.”

8.Now, if we dared you to tell our audience something weird or unexpected about you in 10 seconds, What might you say 😉 ?
“We all love Lionel Richie :)”

Thanks for the Interview Tiger Eyes!
Stay updated to their upcoming show schedule and new music @

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