Album Review: Welcome to My Kingdom by I Will Break Thee

I Will Break Thee

‘Welcome to My Kingdom’ EP

Screamhouse Media

A good sampling of Central Florida metal, I Will Break Thee does it by the books. The 6 piece band is made up of Shane Bryant (vocals), Rafiq Basaria (lead guitar), Justin Lunsford (backing guitar), Marc Sugarman (keys), Daniel Blume (drums), and Jared Golden (bass). Their most recent release ‘Welcome To My Kingdom’ showcases the group’s thematic and very technical musical stylings. Showing obvious influence from bands like Meshugga and other early 2000’s era metalcore acts such as From Autumn to Ashes or Poison the Well. The vocals are far more melodic than the examples given and this could be what differentiates these guys from their peers. Radio friendly interludes punctuate a variety of calculated break downs and epic sounding solos. The lyrics, both sang and screamed, paint a dark perspective of the world. One disenfranchised with politics, people, and it seems the world at large. The Irony of Humanity is the video single for the album’s release, showcasing the themes of the EP as a whole. The video is shot with a very distressed looking film effect and shows a soldier getting his violent retribution on the people who wronged him. The video fits the band’s style perfectly and again begs a comparison to early 2000’s metalcore acts.

‘Welcome To My Kingdom’ was recorded in St. Cloud at Screamhouse Media Studios, with some of the drum tracking done at Suede Shoes Studios in Longwood. I Will Break Thee will be performing at the Social in Orlando on Friday (6/8) with NuERA, Anyone’s Guess, and Autumn Empire. You can contact the band directly via email at for tickets. Be sure to check out the facebook and the official website for more videos and a free stream of the ep.

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6 Responses to Album Review: Welcome to My Kingdom by I Will Break Thee

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  2. Rockin Reggie says:

    I’ve listened to these guys before, good article

  3. The Riddler says:

    Love these guys…good to see someone else can hear the talent

  4. IWILLBREAKTHEE…one of Orlando’s BEST current bands!!!

  5. Thanks guys for all the love!

  6. Mike (fuckin) Andes says:

    nuff said…..FUCK YEAH!!! These guys kill it all the time!

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