ROC Acoustic Showcase Recap 5/26

Recently, debuted its ROC Acoustic Showcase at High Society Pipes and Tobacco, and it was a smashing success! Before I go into what the show was like, let me just take a moment to tell you that if you are near Full Sail and are craving yourself a little hit from the hookah, the Incredible Hulk is absolutely…well…incredible. Just sayin’.

What was even more incredible, though, was the music portrayed for the night. It was a diverse line up for an acoustic show, each band presenting their music in a manner that was much more personal and intimate than what you would see at a plugged in show. It was a relaxed, fun night with bands and fans talking, smoking, playing, and enjoying a nice round of Super Mario.

The night started off with the debut of the Slow Motion Killers. First off, I have to give props to a band that includes a dancing girl in an all acoustic set. There were some really interesting covers in this set, including a very mellow version of Tool’s Sober, but the original songs really stole the show. A little bit jazzy, a little bit of alternative rock, this band showed that they knew their instruments really well and were able to apply a little bit of playfulness in their songs. Rocking the red and black, the Slow Motion Killers started the night on a really nice high note, playing music that was both thoughtful and playful all in one motion.

Up next was Revolution Revival, and I thoroughly enjoyed this band, as I have a bit of a soft spot for Southern blues. Ray K had some phenomenal guitar solos in the night, and GT Springer brings that twang in his voice that, in my own personal opinion, is highly underrated in music. Rocking the tattered and battle worn American flag, you could really feel the Southern roots in this band, representing a simpler side of America that represents family, fun, and freedom.

“We love doing acoustic versions of our songs just to test the purity of the music. There’s something refreshing about the simplicity of an acoustic guitar and a vocal. We write primarily on acoustic guitars then translate the tunes into full-on, balls out, rock n roll masterpieces. Ok…well maybe not every song is masterful, but there’s gotta be at least one in there, right?!”-GT Springer, Revolution Revival

Up next was I Woke Up Early For My Funeral. The vibe of the night changed when this goth-esque looking two-piece got up there. Representing the pop-punk side of things, I Woke Up Early For My Funeral really had a lot of heart in their music, with just a touch of acoustic metal riffage to really add an intriguing energy to the mellow setting. Marta had a beautiful voice that really filled the room, leaving a haunting trace on the occupants. Definitely interested to see what this band pulls off with a full band completely plugged in.

“What I like most about it [playing acoustic] is you strip the song down of all its bells and whistles and you get to see and hear the heart and soul of the song! Most of our songs are hard rock/metal songs that have distortion and an added heavy weight to them, but with acoustic you really get to enjoy the vocal/musical melodies presented in their truest lightest form!” Ryan-Christopher, I Woke Up Early For My Funeral

Regular users of may have recognized the man who came on next. His name is Phil, and he’s from a band called SNAFU! I’d seen Snafu before, and they put on a great, if not a bit eclectic show, but you could really feel the heart of the music when Phil played solo on this night. Just one man, one guitar (and a mandolin) playing music in a very intimate setting. Indie rock and funk at its finest, Snafu is a band that is set to garner some attention, as they did this night with the use of only one guitar.

“I love playing with a band and soaking in that energy. But, when things are broken down to their essence, without all the buzz and fuzz of an electric show, that’s when you hear the truth of both song and artist. There’s no noise to hide behind. It’s the song and the artist at their purest. There has always been something special about that to me.” Phil Bonanno, SNAFU

Up next was Jacob Standards Zipperer. Being a last minute addition to the night did not seem to stop Standards from playing his heart out on the stage. A little bit soft rock n roll and a little bit blues, there was sincerity in the music Standards was playing that had to be respected, and it was backed by a skill with his instrument that had to be respected even more. There is a ton of potential and future for Mr. Zipperer, and I highly recommend looking him up.

“I really enjoy the musical qualities…the whole idea of having substance to the song, not just hooking it up to a machine and letting it be digital. It just shows true talent, I guess.” Jacob Standards Zipperer

To end the night, we had Tanner Keegan. Tanner showed us what a professional musician with years of experience could do with very little equipment. There was humor in between the songs, there was amazing, soulful, bluesy music, and there was such incredible talent. Now, some of you may know Tanner Keegan from his band Indorphine. I promise you, seeing Tanner by himself is NOTHING like seeing Indorphine, but fret not! It is a fantastic experience that is worth every penny (especially when every penny gets you all you can drink beer!) Even without the free booze and 5 other wonderful musicians, Tanner Keegan would have been worth the $10 on his own.

“I enjoy the intimate vibe of the crowd.” Tanner Keegan.


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  1. Thanks Eric for the fantastic review!

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