‘Mr. Bella’ Rock’s our Interview

Mr. Bella is a must see band! I saw them rock  House of Blues back in April and they were by far the best of the night! 

Mr. Bella… Can you introduce yourselves to our readers? 

Erinmarie – Vocals,
Amir – Bass/ back Vox,
Joe – Percussion, “Joe Murphy drummer”
Noah – Guitar, I’m Noah, the guitar player. I grew up in Northern Virginia. I was an overweight kid who just played his guitar a lot. My home base has always been rock music, but I like pretty much anything organic — including blues, jazz, country, classical, etc.

2. Mr. Bella, now who was behind this band name and what is the meaning behind it?

“I guess I have to take responsibility for this lol. I happened to be studying French at the time, I needed to come up with something quick. Since there are and were both guys and girls in the band I thought it was important to allude to that; so, Mr. Bella seemed to fit the part. Mr. for the guys, Bella for the girls…it was never supposed to stick but our first show was packed and starting over from that point just didn’t make sense…and the rest is history. “
NOAH “There was this big sweaty guy who lived down the street when I was growing up. He used to come over and drink all my parents’ beer. So we named the band after him. Just kidding.”
Amir“EM, you really know the answer to this more, but I always say “we’re the ‘mr’ and she’s the ‘bella’.”
JOE “I believe Erinmarie named the band after an Italian Drummer killed at Pompeii.”

3. Describe your style and sound in 2 words?

ERINMARIE “Aggressive melody”,
NOAH “I can’t”, Amir “heavy but pretty….that’s 3 words…umm… heavy prettiness??” JOE “The ballz”

4. As a band how long have all of you been playing/performing together?

“Well, the music scene is a crazy place! We’ve all been doing this for quite a few years…probably more than my lifetime if you were to combine all the experience.”
“I moved down to Florida in 2000 and was in other Tampa Bay bands when I met ErinMarie. My first show with Mr. Bella was in early 2005.”
“too long lol…. me 11 years, Noah since 2005 with break in between…???”.”
“ten years”

5. If you had to convince someone to listen to your latest release who had never listened to you before what would you say? 
“I don’t waste my breath trying to convince people of anything. Freewill if you want to give us a shot – awesome, you won’t be disappointed. If not, that’s cool too – that’s why mainstream radio plays the same songs over and over and over and over…”
“Listen to this or I’ll murder you. ~laughs I don’t know. “Hey, wanna hear something?”
“It’s a lot better than you think!”
“You are the last one on the planet who hasn’t listened to it, Come on jackwagon!!!”

6. As a band Who is your greatest musical inspiration/influence?

ERINMARIE “I don’t think that can be answered as a whole…we’re extremely diverse on our influences…to pick just one wouldn’t do us any favors. For myself, I’d have to say Stevie Nicks, Raine Maida, Bif Naked and Alanis Morrisette…I think I REALLY found out what my voice could do after listening to her “Jagged Little Pill” album. That pushed me. Now, it’s a warm-up.”
NOAH “Each member is going to answer this differently. As a guitar player, I’ve been into a lot of different players over the years. I guess if I could only pick a couple guitar of players then I would mention SRV, Tom Scholz, Zakk Wylde, Gary Moore, and Ty Tabor as a few of my bigger influences. I guess a lot of bands influence me, but the ones who really inspire me are the ones who write stuff that’s so dense (in terms of layering many tones, dynamics, odd time signatures, key changes, etc) that I have no choice but to listen, study, and learn. Those are bands like Structures, Textures, the Contortionist, Animals as Leaders, BTBAM, etc. I’m not always in the mood to listen to them, but there is a lot to admire about their music.”
Amir “Varies between members…. too many to mention, but Brett Hestla really inspires me as a writer and composer.”
JOE “All that Roxx”

7. What is your favorite venue to perform at in Florida? 
“Hey, I think we may all agree on this one! House of Blues! Not only is it a beautiful venue but it’s very comfortable experience for our fans as well and I think that’s important.”
“Tough question. I enjoy playing HOB Orlando a lot. They’re really professional people to work with, and things tend to go smoothly because of their attention to detail. Plus it’s a fairly large room and it’s nice to see a lot of faces out there when you’re playing. I liked Jannus Landing in St Pete too, because it’s an outdoor setup with a cool vibe.”
“House of Blues Orlando”
“House of Blues”

8. What is the song you can’t get enough of at the moment? 

“I’m obsessed with “This is Halloween” as performed by Marilyn Manson at this particular moment – haha no, seriously though probably would have to be Dark New Day’s New Tradition album, I’m all over that album right now – don’t make me choose!!”
“Ugh, there are several. Lies of the Beautiful People by Sixx:AM, Fiend by Dark New Day, Coeur d’Alene by Alter Bridge, Buried Alive by Ready, Set, Fall. The list goes on and on but I’ll stop there.”
“Straightjacket by Dark New Day and My Valentine by Paul McCartney”
“Come to the next show and I’ll play it 4 you”

9. Favorite Junk Food? 😉

ERINMARIE  “I don’t eat junk. Ever.”
NOAH “I don’t really eat junk food in the form of candy bars and things like that. I’m uncomfortable with how much I crave movie theatre popcorn, though. It’s not reasonable.”
Amir “Pizza”,
JOE “Pizza”

Mr. Bella on Facebook 

Thank’s Guy’s!

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