June 30th Showcase

A deeper look into the artist from our June 30th Showcase:

Just Passing Through, Formed by four friends from Southwest Florida starting their lives anew in the City of Orlando, Just Passing Through quickly became a staple in the local music scene. From Billy Joel to Brand New and from Norah Jones to NoFx, Just Passing Through draws inspiration from all genres and styles of music, appealing to a wide variety of avid music fans and concert goers. For more information about Just Passing Through, along with music, videos, photos, concert dates, and booking information, check out http://www.facebook.com/justpassingthroughband.

The Cute and The Ugly, new and original this acoustic project began in 2012 by Jason Hubbard and April Marie. Arising, ironically, from two cover musicians who found each other and are now returning to the original scene with an acoustic in hand and a collection of catchy, sing-every-lyric, girl-appealing songs. Their live performance is full of energy and fervor no matter the size of the audience. The songs speak to almost everyone in the room and each voice is proof of a relational experience that each individual recalls and releases to the reverberant atmosphere. The combination of Jason’s honest lyrics and catchy choruses with April’s driving piano will have you humming along for days. And yes The Cute & The Ugly is also available for acoustic cover gigs!

Asia Thompson, 20 year old singer-songwriter who has been sharing her talent through YouTube and setting her mark in the Orlando area. From competing in Southwest Idol, hitting the Top 40 in XL 106.7 Next Big Thing, and performing a snippet of the popular tune “Thinking About You” by Frank Ocean live on SBK Real Radio 94.1. Asia’s career has only just begun. She will begin working on her very first EP in the Fall.

The Kim Hightower Band, based out of the Orlando, Florida area and books performances locally and regionally. “Our music is an intimate expression. There is no greater feeling than to ‘connect’ with people on the level like we do in our performances. Our song selections range from our own originals, to some acoustic rock, acoustic pop, adult contemporary, folk rock and ballads.

The MoonShiners, an acoustic duo that takes you back to earthy acoustic roots. Since 2008, the Moonshiners have been blending an original recipe of songs by fermenting blues, folk, and vintage rock to create a unique smooth blend of music. The ingredients for this fine blend of “moonshine” are as follows: Jim Lavender on vocals and rhythm guitar combined with Mark Swetland on Lead guitar and finally on occasion throw in some kick with Ian Finch on percussion and drums.

By:Mandi P ~NSC

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