Check out our Interview with ‘Gunpowder Temple’

1. I must know; ‘Gunpowder Temple’ how did you settle on this and who was behind its conception?
“The first show we played together was at a hookah bar over by UCF called Natura. We were all ready to play but we hadn’t come up with a name yet and were kinda worried about what we were gonna say when we got over there. I (Dave) ordered a tea from the bar and it was called Gunpowder Temple of Heaven Green Tea and when we got up to play it was kinda the first thing that popped into my head and we’ve just sort of gone with it from there.”
2. Now who is ‘Gunpowder Temple’?
Dave Nelson – Singer
Mike Herlihy – Guitar
Justin Wotus – Guitar
Doug Knox – Bass
Cody Butler – Drums
3.I read where you say your style draws influences from different rock genres, is there a particular artist/band(s) you draw the most inspiration from?
“We are asked this question a lot actually and it’s pretty hard to define. We draw a lot of our sound from progressive rock and metal bands but we’re also really trying to hit a more mainstream market at the same time. This sort of seems like conflicting ideas but we make it work. As far as bands we’re influenced by, I’d say Protest the Hero, Porcupine Tree, and AlterBridge. I think if we had to sum it up, those would be the 3 biggest bands for us as a whole.”
4. Where do you hope ‘GPT’ will take you?
“I think all of us have the same goal of just not having to work a “normal” job. If we could live off a career in music that would be our ideal situation. ”
5.Favorite Florida venue you have performed in?
“We play the Haven Lounge quite a bit and we all enjoy that. Their sound system over there is awesome and the crowd reaction and interaction we get over there is always fun really inspiring. Anytime we’re over there it’s a good show.”
6.Of all the local band’s striving to be the best what makes you think ‘GPT’ will be the band to be remembered?
“I think GPT will be remembered because our music is so different. We’ve got a little something for everybody and we put our hearts and souls into our music and I think it really shows.”
7. As a band how long have you been performing together?
“We’ve had a couple different versions of this band with different members and what not, but this version has been together for about a year now and I don’t think it’s changing again. All of us get along great and I think we really got lucky that all of our personalities work so well together. There’s no band drama and were all really driven towards the same goals.”
8. Hmmm if we dared you to tell us something completely random about yourself, what might you say? 😉
“We are all huge WWE fans. We always get crazy weird looks when we say this and we know its fake, but we love it anyway.”
9. One word to describe your sound?
10. Next show, where can our reader’s find you this summer?
“We have our next show July 20th at the Haven Lounge but we also are looking forward to our largest show yet on August 16th at the Social in Downtown Orlando. You can check out or the Facebook to keep updated!”

Thanks’ Guy’s
By: Mandi of New Sound Candy ~ OrlandoBand’s



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