‘Dirty Shannon’ part of the VH1 Save the Music Showcase

1. Now tell our readers who ‘Dirty Shannon’ is?
Vic Scott – Lead vocals
Paul Schick – Lead guitar and backing vocals
Marco Castilini – Drums
Jeff Carr – Bass and backing vocals
2.You’re going to be apart of the ‘VH1 Save the Music’ Showcase , how do you feel to be a part of that and what are your thoughts on ‘Save the Music’s’ impact in society? ”This is such an honor! This foundation has done amazing things for Music in the public school system. Being products of that system ourselves, we certainly understand the need for additional funding for schools that are being forced to cut programs like music and art. Being able to play this event gives us a chance to stand up for something we really love and believe in and the opportunity to save music for future generations. We are humbled to be included.”
3. I read where you said that you ” felt that the fading wave of melodically crafted music deserved to be revived in your town”, how do you think your music meets this challenge?
“Good question….I don’t remember who wrote that but I think it had to do with the music landscape as a whole being more digitized. There was a surge of techno, rave and electronica that dominated the market for a while that was much more rhythmic than melodic. We hope there will be a return to playing instruments and crafting songs the way they have been since music began; with heart and soul. This is not to say that technology is bad, it has certainly spawned a new branch of music creativity which is amazing ( and to some degree used by our band) We just enjoy the manual process of picking up instruments and carving out songs.”
4. When you say “we have to try to put our songs out there and hope that someone finally gets what music is about, rather than succumbing to the latest crappy trend.” are you speaking of just the mainstream music trends at the moment or a certain genre? “This was in response to the mainstream music movement as a whole, not one particular genre. But….again…this was written more out of frustration with our own direction rather than out of animosity toward the very industry we are trying to court! Music is an art, and as such, it is subjective. What one person hears and receives from a song will almost definitely be different than what another person perceives. That’s what makes music so amazing…it’s like the Bible that way. But as for trends, they are simply determined by what frequency people are tuned into at the time. If there is a certain type of music and message that the majority are hearing, then that will be what is popular and thus what is marketed. It’s hard for a band to say “We will do what we do, even if we go nowhere.” Commercial success is a great thing! It increases your opportunities to be heard, it gives you financial freedoms to explore and be more creative, it does a lot of things for a band. However, it also comes with a compromise…I think it was this compromise that we as a band were upset about when writing the above.” 
5. When you’re creating new songs is there a certain activity that really gets you inspired to write? “Not really…our writing process is such that the birth of a song is mostly done outside of other band members. When we write, we do it alone (maybe two of the members will get together to flesh out an idea) but then we bring the song to the group and take off from there. It’s a great way to both discover a new tune and delight in the construction of what that tune will become once introduced into the band as a whole.”
6. How would you describe ‘Dirty Shannon’s’ sound, and what is the definition behind that band title? “I think our sound is skirting the line of country rock (or just what country is becoming today with Jason Aldean and the like) and pop rock. We are definite fans of big sing along choruses. As for the title….since the bands inception, we have found that everyone has a friend named Shannon that engages in questionable practices, however, the name really stems from a road named Shannon. Paul lived off the road when he formed the band and since he’s a neat freak, he named it DIRTY Shannon.
7. Do you have a song you’ve worked on you’re most proud of? “Whatever You Love comes to mind. It was a new direction both musically and lyrically for us. So far, we have gotten a lot of positive feedback from people who are hearing the songs message and digging the tune.”
8. Do you have a most memorable place/venue you have performed at? “I would have to say the House of Blues in Orlando has been the coolest so far. The staff is great! Everyone is cool but professional about what they do. You can really see the passion in the people who work there. And what band doesn’t like having a curtain open with lights flashing as they start their set? Awesome Venue!”
9. Greatest musical inspiration? “This one is tricky because we come from such diverse backgrounds musically. But, the breakdown would be, Singer – Ronnie VanZant, Edwin McCain, Rob Thomas, Guitar – Jimmy page, Drums – Neal Peart and Bass – Sting, Geddy Lee.”
10. Final question, if you could change one misconception in the music world, what would it be? “There is no “Over Night.” Like anything else that is worth having, it takes time, dedication and sacrifice to be a good band. We have songs that we have played for three or four years that are just now being recognized by the public. Dreams are not easy to fulfill, but definitely are worth the effort in trying. Faith has kept us believing in our abilities and in what we do for over eight years. Being musicians, however, we ultimately know that timing is everything!”


Thanks for the interview Guy’s
Mandi~ NSC ~ OrlandoBand’s

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