F.I.L.T.H project!

Unique question to ask all of you, will you be apart of the F.I.L.T.H Nation?
Metal has a new addition, might I introduce F.I.L.T.H

1. Before we plow forward give our reader’s a little of your self- description? 
Mikey V: I “slap’a’da’bass”
Mike Andes: Guitars
Eric Mann: Generally speaking, I yell profanity at people. Sometimes I sing.
Freddie Hull: Freddie Hull and I am the skin beater.
2. Now F.I.L.T.H, I must know what that represent’s?
Mikey V: We have a couple ideas on the table…but so far, the most enjoyable option involves fan participation. We’re planning on having a contest with the fans….”Whoever comes up with the “Filthy”est acronym gets….”
Freddie Hull: Letting go of your daily grind and having a good time, it’s just a hard rocking party simply put. We get to play the kind of music we like and we try to make it fun for the people who come to the shows and for us.

3. You describe your sound as ‘Modern American heavy metal’ where do you draw the inspiration for your sound?
Mikey V: I love the fact that we as a band have so many different influences. Me personally, I love jazz, funk, and math-metal…everything from Victor Wooten to Tosin Abasi.
Mike Andes: I have LOTS of different influences from Jazz, Classical, Metal, Rock and even sometimes Pop. When I sit down to write, it depends on what mood I’m in, where I draw my influence from. 
Eric Mann: Vocally, I can sit here all day and tell you who I am influenced by, but my vocal style is reminiscent of the metalcore like Hatebreed and Pantera with screams, really rough, gruff singing, and occasionally just outright shouting at people.
Freddie Hull: That could be a long answer. We draw our influences from so many different bands and styles. It’s a combination of what we all like. Like our song Criminal, it’s a straight forward hard rock song. Other songs may have more of a groove, you know something you can jump up and down and bang your head to then the next thing you know it’s more of a heavy song you could mosh to. We try to make every song different, the same style but different feel so each song stands on its own.

4. Growing up what were your musical influences?
Mikey V: Actually, the reason I even play bass is because of Nonpoint. I was at a daylong concert about ten years ago, the Bake Sale in West Palm, FL and Nonpoint was one of the bands on the bill. I knew a couple of their songs, but when they hit the stage I found myself completely focused on the bass player. He was all over his instrument and all over the stage at the same time. He looked like he was having the time of his life. That’s when I decided that I wanted to learn how to play bass.
Mike Andes: MTV was undoubtedly an influence growing up. I was introduced to bands like Motley Crue, Skid Row and Cinderella before I graduated to heavier bands like Pantera, Slayer and Crowbar. I also was influenced by a different generation of bands like Slip Knot, Hell Yeah, Seven Dust and a TON more! 
Eric Mann: I grew up listening to 90s chart topping country and classic rock (Three Dog Night remains one of my all time favorite bands). One day, I heard a Disturbed song and I really liked it, so I started looking into ‘metal’ music. It wasn’t until I saw Indorphine open for Stone Sour, Lacuna Coil, and Shadows Fall that I went “Damn, I really like this heavy metal music”.
Freddie Hull: Well I will admit I am a child of the eighties. I grew up listening to all the hard rock, hair metal and heavy metal bands of that time. Everything from Motley Crue, Skid Row, Wasp to Metallica, Slayer, Megadeath, and Pantera on top of Bon Jovi, Journey and those types. I listened to a wide mix, I loved the hard rock and metal but I also had some pop, rap and country bands I liked. Now that I am playing again after being away from it for so many years my newest influences are Sevendust, Disturbed, Godsmack, Hell Yeah, Adrenalin Mob and the list could go on.                                    

5. If you could kick any artist off the charts right now and take their current spot who would it be?
Mikey V:
 Whoever was on top!,
Eric Mann: The Offspring. I hate that new song, and if they weren’t on the charts with it, I might not have to hear it anymore.

6. What do you hope to accomplish with F.I.L.T.H?
Mikey V: My main concern is to go out and have fun with my 4 member family!! If we’re able to pay that bill with this…I think I could live with that.
Mike Andes: Just to get out there and have a lot of fun! For a long time I was wanted to get more out of what I was doing and I think I’m doing that with F.I.L.T.H. These guys have a lot of energy, ideas, and creativeness and are a TON of fun, more so than any other band I’ve been in.
Eric Mann: I want to make rock music dangerous again. I want it to be that thing that is whispered in hushed tones. Rock music has become so widely accepted that it’s not rebellious anymore. It’s lost a lot of its spunk and charisma. I mean, hell, Rage Against The Machine had a song used on Rush Limbaugh. I want F.I.L.T.H to bring back the days when rock and metal were these things that meant so much to people because it was something special that not everyone could really understand or gain access to. I want heavy music to be just a little bit scary again.
Freddie Hull:
 Honestly it’s about having fun and getting to play music and if we could pay our bills with it one day that’s all you can ask for. Anything after that is just whip cream on the nipples

7. I’ve read where you say you have ‘a controversial and completely unique live show’, so what could someone expect to see at your show?
Mikey V: Liquor, boobs, and metal!
Mike Andes: I concur!! This isn’t for your kids and Grandparents!!
Eric Mann: We are gonna try and give you an arena sized show no matter the size of where we are playing. We are going to do things big. It’s gonna be messy. It’s gonna be sexy. It’s gonna be for…adults. 18+ only please!
Freddie Hull: A good time with loud music, girls and alcohol. I know your thinking what’s different about that and the answer is nothing. We just wanted to bring the entertainment back to a show. Let’s just say you won’t see us playing at Disney or the grade school circuit anytime soon.


8. Is there a certain band you could find yourselves molding F.I.L.T.H after?
Mikey V:
 Probably that amazing Orlando band…F.I.L.T.H!
Eric Mann: If we told you who we steal from, we wouldn’t come off as very unique, would we?
Freddie Hull: Yeah F.I.L.T.H. A little bit of all of our different influences. The live show of the bands of the eighties mixed with the sound of hard rock and metal of today. Granted we don’t have explosions and flying drumsets but we don’t have the budget of Kiss and Motley Crue either. God help us all if we do though!!!!!

9. Do any/all of you have a favorite local band?
Mikey V:
 My favorite local band is Gorillafight.
Mike Andes: I have a few actually…Indorphine, I Will Break Thee, to name a couple. I have a lot more I like, and don’t want to leave them out, but I don’t think we have enough space here!
Eric Mann: For heavy music, Gorillafight, Indorphine, I Will Break Thee, and Fields of Glass. For REALLY heavy music, you gotta check out Fire In The Cave. For a more mellow experience, Anyone’s Guess and The Mighty Mongo (okay, they are based out of Tampa, but still!)


10. Now, in 5 words or less you must convince an unsuspecting crowd to come check out your July 27th show @ The Haven, what might you say? 😉
Mikey V:
 Refer to question seven.
Freddie Hull: Fun, sexual energy and attitude,
Eric Mann: Designated Driver Is A Must.


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  1. Mike Andes says:

    Thanks for the interview, Mandi!! You rock!!! Yes, Ben you rock too!!

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    We got interviewededededed!

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