CD Review Rug – “02”

Rug are a bit of a buzz band around the area. The four piece band (Jon Messeroff, Hogan Birney, Andrew Brooks, and C.L. Freeman) have played headlining shows at the House of Blues, the Florida Music Festival, and the “Driven” conference at the Hard Rock. It’s flirting with pop indie styles that allows for a mass appeal that a lot of artists don’t bother to cultivate. The quality of the recordings is really impressive and the tones on the guitars instantly remind me of post rock bands like Tera Melos or the Redneck Manifesto. The vocals stray from that comparison a bit though, the recording quality is equal but the style is obviously more influenced by bands like Young the Giant or Kings of Leon. Each of the songs relies heavily on the imagery of the songs also seems to fit the Kings of Leon comparison nicely with songs like “Winnebago” detailing the scenery and experiences of Hogan. The song “61” was written as a memorial to Jon’s late father and won the heart of the Sentinel’s music critic who said the song “…unfolds with a vaguely bluesy feel, a mood that’s elevated by a memorable chorus…” The band tries to avoid pretense in a fairly admirable fashion, they say “We simply got together as four musicians to create music, and the outcome is what you hear on 02.” An almost refreshing approach in a place where most people want to “make a band that sounds like…”

Rug’s album is available on Itunes, Amazon, Cdbaby, Spotify, and many other online distributors. They have tour dates all through out Florida and the southeast to promote the release of 02, be sure to check out the website for more details!

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