CD Review: Blacklist Union – “Til Death Do Us Part”

Blacklist Union looks like a band from Los Angeles. Tattoos and rockstar hair cuts are meticulously positioned around elaborate clothing combinations. Much like their peers in bands like Murderdolls or Hollywood Undead these guys play a pretty straight forward form of contemporary rock music despite the focus on image. The album at times is similar to early 00’s era nu-metal acts (Korn, Cold, Mudvayne, etc) or late era “emo” acts like My Chemical Romance. All of the songs on “Til Death Do Us Part” were written alongside a very peculiar line up of contributors; Todd Youth (who worked with everyone from Glen Campbel to Danzig) and Anthony Valli (formerly of Crazytown, responsible for the song“Butterfly”). The recording lineup was equally as interesting with Hunt Sales (of Iggy & the Stooges and David Bowie fame) and three quarters of the band Saliva. BLU teamed up with major label producer, Chris Johnson, who also has worked with a wide variety of artists including Goldfinger, Josh Todd, and Hilary Duff. The band has a few shows coming up this month around southern California, be sure to check them out if you’re in the area at all. Here’s a video for the first single and title track off the album, “Til Death Do Us Part.” You can fear more from BLU and get updates about future shows & videos on their reverbnation and facebook pages.

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