Statewide Drifter

1.SWD have been cultivating music since the end of ’11, what was the motivation to start this band? Ian (vox/guitar) and myself (Phil, Bass) started this band in our house during college. We had been roommates for about 5 months when we moved into a new house with a high school buddy of Ian’s, who happened to be a drummer. With three musicians in the house, it just made sense to start a band. Since then we have had a few lineup changes, but it eventually led us to Jon (guitar) and Tyler (drums) in November. Since then we have been working non-stop to write appealing music, putting on a GREAT show and continually giving it our all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           2.You have an indie/Rock sound, where does the inspiration for it come from?We all have different influences. From singer/songwriters like Tom Waits and Loudon Wainwright, rock bands like Thrice and Manchester Orchestra, to ambient bands like Explosions In The Sky and Incubus. What we look for in our music is a BIG sound that’s in your face! Jon also has a great way of adding almost a blues, jazzy edge to our songs, which you don’t hear too often in music now a days. Since it’s such a melting pot of different styles, we figured the best way to describe our sound would be to call it Indie.                 3.StateWide Drifter, now where did that band name derive from? Who was behind it? The name Statewide Drifter was a collective idea between our two old band members, Ian and myself. We see Statewide Drifter as a state of mind, and all of us are this idea of a drifter. The four of us all come from different parts of the country, and it seems as though our mind sets have all brought us here to form this group and build a bond.                                                                            4.How would you describe your EP “Songs to Write Home About”? “Songs to Write Home About” is about the mindset of longing for home. We have all been away from home for such a long time, that we felt the metaphorical journey would be a good subject to base an EP off of. The EP is an entirely genuine collection and embodiment of some of our life experiences. Both musically and lyrically “Songs to Write Home About” is a genuine expression of our feelings.                                                                                        5.What has been the biggest event/thing to happen to SWD as of yet?Going on our week long tour with Reggie Williams and Chris Martignago was the biggest event to happen to us, thus far. There were some ups and downs, but overall such an amazing experience. Being able to play in such different places with different people was such a big step for us, since we have only been together for less than a year. During that time we were actually played on WJRR Native Noise, which has always been a dream of ours to get on the radio.                                                                                                                             6.Is there a band you most compare yourself with or share a similar style to?That’s probably the only question that we, to this day, still cannot answer. We’ve gotten people to compare us to Brand New, Weezer, and, in certain aspects, Foo Fighters.                                                                                              7.Do you write your own lyrics?                                                          Unfortunately John Mayer was “too busy” to help us, so Ian writes all the lyrics.                                                                                                                         8.Mixing it up a little 🙂 In 10 words or less tell us the craziest thing that has ever happen to you? My car flipped before a show. It was BAD!                

9.Favorite ‘non-musical’ pastime?                                                                 Grilling! We grill pork chops, chicken wings, steaks, seafood and all sorts of things at least once a day.                                                                                      10.Where can we catch SWD next?                                                              Catch us Sunday August 26th at The Abbey in Orlando. We have been selected to play for a company from Los Angeles, CA who happens to be bringing out an A&R Representative from Warner Bros. Music Group. You can purchase tickets here ( Wish us luck guys!

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